Thursday, August 12, 2010

Strange object seen in Taiwan during lightning storm July 17 2010

This video was sent in by one of our readers - during a powerful lightning storm some strange object is revealed high up in the sky by the lights - the question is just what was it?

UFO Pyramid In Lightning Storm Taiwan 17 July 2010
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UFOs invade CIAMPINO Rome italy 2010 August 8th 2010 Ovni

Are UFOs invading Italy right know ? Italy is getting its fair share of Ufo sightings recently - if you live in italy and would like to share your sighting - plese reply to this post.
What is happening in Ciampino in Rome with these triangle ufos?,
Filmed Italy on Monday, 9th August 2010.



On Friday, January 12th 2007, London Military Air Traffic Control contacted a flight of US Air Force F-15s out of RAF Lakenheath, Suffolk, UK, to intercept an unknown target they had picked up on radar at 3000 to 4000ft altitude.
The F-15s callsign Gator, went to investigate, and got a solid radar-lock on the unidentified target.
They made two passes, passed the object which was at 17,000ft on the first pass, and then 17,700ft on the second pass. They described it as black in colour, and stated that it was not a bird, and unlike any aircraft they had ever seen:

Military or Ufo ? Davis Monthan AFB Air Force Base August 9, 2010 Tucson

Just what was this object spotted near Tucson, Arizona a.k.a. Davis Monthan AFB Air Force Base August 9, 2010?

The UFO Landing at Holloman Air Force Base Interview

The UFO landing at Holloman Air Force Base. Bob Emenegger, a natural skeptic, and his business partner, are invited by the U.S. Military to receive UFO footage filmed by the same military to be used in their film.

Bob Emenegger is a screen writer and director for many documentaries, television specials, and feature films for TV syndication, he is a 1965 UCLA graduate in film and winner of numerous first place awards and gold medals in domestic and foreign film festivals.

He is the producer and director of ten original science fiction feature films and four two hour documentaries for TV: Laboratory, Psi factor, Captive and Time Warp. Other samples of Emenegger's works from who's who in entertainment include: The Day the Silence Came; Hypnosis and Beyond; Is Everyone Happy But Me? And Death: The Ultimate Mystery.

He received a golden globe nomination for his film: UFOs Past, Present & Future. He directed live musicals starring Carl Burnett. Music for a dozen pop single records on Capitol, Mercury and other labels.

St. Paul UFO report - simply ballons with lights?

The media is reporting this Original Video here is an example of ballons with lights attached - what are your thought? People in St Paul who witnessed the lights and have emailed me disagree .
I would like to hear from people in the St Paul are who actually witnessed these lights to come forward and reply to this post with your account of what you saw a few nights ago.
In St. Paul Minnesota, we saw this....... i didnt shoot this.... it was shot by a local news station. they caught different angles.... i edited out the people reactions. i did see it in person, at a different location. the weather services and authorities says they dont know wat it is.... so... its unexplained. but right now..... 


August 10th, 2010: I was working on a project when my sister freakishly calls me to go out side to look. I didn't see anything where I was but she insisted to come and pick me up to go and look. This is what we saw along with numerous neighbors. It just looks like some lights, but it was actually pretty creepy look. I don't know if it's some kind of crazy invention or an actual UFO, I guess we will have to see.


Skyline the Movie Trailer - UFO invasion and review

Yet another big Ufo movie release coming out and yet again this one is also  based in LA (I mean whats up with that?). People in the Ufo community are questioning the benefit of this new movie. It does seem very fear based indeed, especially as reiterates the recent erie warnings from physicist Steven Hawking about the hostile dangers of Ufo visitation...Long from the friendly days of ET and Encounters of the Third Kind many question if hollywood has some agenda with this new fear based approach to first contact .

The scary Hawking logic runs deep through the movie: "History shows us the more advanced Civilization always wins .. remember what happened when Christopher columbus invaded america? .. it didn't work out to good for the native's didn't it? .. well thats what's going to happen to humans when (Et's) arrive.. were done for"

The Alien Starchild Skull - the recent startling 2010 DNA Result

Preliminary new DNA results from the 900 year old Starchild Skull, providing proof that a percentage of the DNA in the bone is not from Earth.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The alien night crawler on SyFy's new Fact or Faked - what was it ?

They try to re-create an alien night crawler during their investigation but can't.. so what was it?...

Checkout the preview here from the upcoming new Syfy paranormal series called Fact-or-Faked, keep an eye out for the show on cable. You can also view the full shows direct from their website here.

Also, If anyone has any interesting footage which they think could be a good feature of the show, please upload it direct to them here. If you have any topics of request on any areas you would like them to feature in the next series please leave them as a reply to this post with your suggestions and i will pass it directly to them.

Trailer for the series - Fact or Faked ?
The series is headed up by Ben Hansen, a former FBI agent with a life-long fascination with the paranormal, who along with a team of intrepid investigators, dissect the latest unusual images and decide whether they merit further investigation.

Battle: Los Angeles Movie Trailer

Quite a few leaks including a pre-trailer and the posters came out this week in anticipation for the release date for the upcoming Ufo blockbuster of 2011 - The Battle: Los angeles. As you all may know the Battle of Los Angeles is actually based on the true story of  real events that rocked LA back in 1942 .

Of interest is The movies  official site  - aptly named  It includes alot of legitimate facts, witness reports, interviews with Bill Barns from Ufo hunters and evidence supporting the movies theme. The weaving of fact with fiction works well for these hollywood movies as it draws in extra attention.Brace yourself for some off the topic sensationalism, sex, violence and CGI's.. ,  this story deserves as much attention as it can get, considering its significance.

Checkout this cool CGI pic from the battle recreation scene:
Battle: Los Angeles

Lady takes photo of Ufo over Abercynon wales UK

A lady comes forward with a interesting story and a photo of a UFO over Abercynon in Wales in 2004:

Extract article form wales online :
When Cardiff UFO chaser Jane McCarthy took photographs near Abercynon in 2004, she thought she'd snapped nothing more than the view across the Valley town.

But closer inspection revealed she saw something she believes is out of this world.
The 56-year-old and her husband Chris had taken a day off work and had headed up to the beauty spot hoping to spot UFOs. The only craft they saw was an unmarked black helicopter.

"It's like we knew something was happening", she said.

"There are two areas we went to. One is in Pontypridd overlooking Devil's Tooth, the other is Devil's Tooth itself.

"When we took photographs of Devil's Tooth, there was a UFO in the photographs overlooking Abercynon village."

Jane describes the object as "looking like a tanker", "huge", "with tubes coming out of it".

More recently the couple spotted an object over the sky above Dublin.

"We went to a conference in Ireland. We were coming out of Dublin on the dual carriageway and up in the sky was a helicopter chasing about eight spheres.

"We though it was a stunt. Then all of a sudden one sphere flew off and we thought, that's not normal."

Read more at source

UFOs on Dateline

The media seems to be changing their tune recently, with less ridicule and a push towards real investigation into phenomenon. Obviously this reflects changing perception the public has towards the Ufo topic.
People report about 70,000 UFO sightings every year. Are they real? TODAY's Hoda Kotb previews a 'Dateline'' investigation of the phenomenon:

New UFO sighting Italy

Poster recommends you view this video using the full screen option.