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'I have sex with aliens': British Psychic Says She Has Sex With Alien Greys & Repilians

'I have sex with aliens who sneak into my room at night': Psychic appears on live TV claiming to have 'out-of-this-world orgasms with octopus men and cat people'

  • Stephany Fay Cohen discussed alien adventures on This Morning
  • Claims she visits other solar systems on a UFO at night
  • Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield tested her psychic powers

A psychic who claims to have sex with aliens who sneak into her room while she sleeps appeared on live TV to discuss the 'out-of-this-world orgasms' she has with 'octopus men and cat people'.
Stephany Fay Cohen discussed her adult adventures with Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield on today's This Morning, as part of a week of features celebrating the supernatural.
Cohen even drew pictures of both the UFO she travels in with her 'spirit guides', and a Grey, one race of alien with whom she interacts.

Stephany Fay Cohen on This Morning
A drawing of a Grey alien by Stephany Fay Cohen
Before the show, Cohen, left, revealed to Philip Schofield that the sex she has with aliens including the Grey race, right, resulted in 'out-of-this-world orgasms'
Before the show, Cohen had revealed to Philip that the sex she has with aliens resulted in 'out-of-this-world orgasms'.
Explaining her story, Cohen said that the aliens sneak into her room at night: 'My group, I call them Team Spirit, we have a UFO, a flying saucer, and we go off to planets within our own solar system but also way out. We go in mind. It happens when my physical body is asleep but my spiritual body travels.
A drawing, by Stephany Fay Cohen, of the UFO on which she was taken in to space on Tuesday night
A drawing, by Stephany Fay Cohen, of the UFO on which she was taken in to space on Tuesday night 

Cohen explained that the various types of alien races include the Greys, the reptilians, the cat people and the octopus men, all of whom come from different planets in the Canis Major solar system. She has a particularly close octopus man friend named Ian.
'All of the races indulge in sex, but particularly the cat people are highly-charged sexually'
She said: 'He stays close to me, kind of like a spirit boyfriend - but I don't call him my boyfriend, he's more a good spirit friend who happens to be from the octopus race.
'All of the races indulge in sex, but particularly the cat people are highly-charged sexually - and it's part of our culture.'
Stephany Fay Cohen, left, and Professor Chris French, right, appearing on a supernatural special of This Morning today
Stephany Fay Cohen, left, and Professor Chris French, right, appearing on a supernatural special of This Morning today

The This Morning studio was given a special ethereal makeover for their supernatural special
The This Morning studio was given a special ethereal makeover for their supernatural special

Supernatural sceptic Professor Chris French appeared alongside Cohen on the programme to contradict her views. He said: 'The oldest question is whether there is any kind of external proof of this, and I'm not convinced. It's all happening in Stephany's head, basically, as she admits herself.'
When asked if aliens were in the studio, Cohen said: 'My cat grandmother is sitting on the sofa over there doing her knitting'
Professor French suggested an alternative explanation was that Cohen suffers from Persistent Arousal Disorder, which makes her feel as though she is having sex while asleep.
When asked if the aliens were in the studio at present, Cohen explained they were, saying: 'My cat grandmother is sitting on the sofa over there doing her knitting.'

UFO SIGHTINGS: Mystery In The Air - Pilot Reports Unidentified Flying Object Over JFK Airport?

Latest UFO Sightings - Latest UFO Videos 2013

Published on Mar 7, 2013
Mass UFO Sightings |

March 07, 2013 - UNITED STATES - The pilot of a commercial jetliner spotted a drone aircraft hovering near his plane as he landed at JFK Airport yesterday, according to sources.

The Joint Terror Task Force is now probing the sighting of the mysterious flying object, the sources said.The Alitalia pilot spotted the unmanned craft — described as "a black drone" — hovering just 200 feet from his jet about three miles east of the airport as he made his approach from Brooklyn.

"He was very clear as to what he saw," a source said. The pilot told investigators the object was flying at about 1,800 feet and looked like "a black drone about a meter square, with helicopter rotors on the corners."

"It didn't require the pilot of the jet to take any evasive action, and it didn't interfere with the aircraft," a source said.

UFO near Daytona Beach Florida Feb 2013 Part One

Latest UFO Footage - Latest UFO Sightings 2013

Published on Mar 3, 2013
UFO? Blimp? UAV? Drone?
Either way it's not normal and out of place.


Latest UFO Clips - Latest UFO Videos 2013

Published on Mar 12, 2013
...Latest U.F.O Sighting Mar-11-2013 over San Antonio,Texas..
On Mar-11-2013 was a clear day no cloud's in sight..I notice a flash high in altitude.I grabbed my camcorder for a closer observation..When zooming in,I was surprised to see this Red glowing UFO..It was clearly no aircraft..This object was traveling SouthEast high in altitude...I pan back to find a reference point,(ended using the top of a roof/some trees).When i began to zomin,it appear to be rotating...As you can see on the video this object seems to be traveling at high altitude.While i was filming unknown began to emit an extremely bright glow.It did not seem to reflect the sun's ray's,It seemed to be glowing..At one point another U.F.O Orb comes into veiw.You can clearly see both travel in opposite directions..It took me by surprised,I did not expect to witness something. .These Glowing U.F.Os were clearly no aircraft's/ weather-balloons or satellites...

Triangle UFO SPARKLES During MORPH, March 4, 2013 Pennsylvania

Latest UFO Videos - Latest UFO Sightings 2013

The Bubble & Star-like spheres seem like just some sort of "Travel Container" from which various craft---with ability to shape-shift into ANY SHAPE or SIZE arrive to and leave our planet in.
And they LIKE to fly covertly, which includes often copying our simple aircraft navigation lighting styles so they can fly low and slow over populated areas to observe us without causing much notice or alarm.
Plus, the OUTRAGEOUSLY bright "mini Sun" light they often produced perhaps is required to order to morph/emerge into craft and draws attention.... So what better way to disguise or confuse humans into dismissing it, than by flashing like our aircraft after they're done?
THEY'VE BEEN DOING THIS SINCE THE 1960s from reports I've seen online (like in Pine Bush, NY) -- whoever they are...STILL don't know yet.

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UFO v Japonsku (UFO In Japan) 11. March 2013

Latest UFO Sightings - Latest UFO Videos March 2013

Posted by EtheralUFO

Stunning UFO Sighting In Santiago Chile 2013

UFO Sighting Videos - Latest UFO Videos 2013

Published on Feb 19, 2013
Real sighting of a UFO flying sky Santiago Chile

Fleet Of UFOs Over Poland‬‏

Latest UFO Footage - UFO Videos March 2013

Fleet Of UFOs Over Poland

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Latest UFO Footage - Latest UFO Sightings 2013

Published on Mar 9, 2013
PLEASE WATCH TO THE END Filmed early this morning,ufo was very high up could see with naked eye for about 10secs,then had to use view finder to see it which was very hard,Surprisingly Ireland is believed to have one of the oldest civilizations on Earth that started when, the Tuatha Dé Danaan according to Lebor Gabála Érenn, came to Ireland "in dark clouds" and "landed on the mountains and they brought a darkness over the sun for three days and three nights some 6000 years ago." They are described as a race of majestic appearance and marvelous beauty, in human form, yet in nature divine.

Coast to Coast AM - Mar 06 2013 - Our Alien Ancestry C2CAM

Latest UFO Videos - Latest UFO Footage 2013

Date: 03-06-13
Host: George Noory
Guests: Robert Steven Thomas, Damon Vickers

Retired executive, historian and author Robert Steven Thomas presented his contention that an advanced alien species traveled to Earth in our prehistoric past, and co-inhabited the planet with primitive hominids. Studying the research of people such as Zecharia Sitchin and Erich Von Daniken, Thomas concluded that modern man is a result of genetic engineering and the fusion of direct bloodlines from Anunnaki ancestors, resolving the differences between Darwinism and Biblical creation. A lot of the information found in the book of Genesis actually originates in the Enuma Elish, a Sumerian text that predates the Bible by thousands of years, and details how gods came to our planet, he noted.

UFO? Time Lapse Photos Outside RC's Woolloomooloo Office

Latest UFO Videos - Latest UFO Sightings 2013

Hollywood actor Russell Crowe claimed that a UFO was caught flying by his camera. He said that the object was flying with several lights on over Sydney’s Botanical Gardens few days ago. The clip of the alleged UFO sighting can now be seen on YouTube.

Russell Crowe UFO
According to the Gladiator actor on his Twitter post, he and his friend put up a camera not to spot any UFO but to capture fruit bats rising from Botanic Gardens. “This was a big surprise,” he added.

Crowe shared a link of the clip, which was posted by the user bearing the name “ParallelUniverse1234. It is not yet clear though if the account is own by the actor.

The video shows a different strange lights over a Botanical Gardens. Crowe’s Twitter followers asked him if it is possible that the lights were caused by lens flares or other usual event. He answered that it can’t be lens flare. He explained that his Canon 5D has no flash and the object was moving while the camera was fixed. Additionally, the camera is on a balcony and not behind glass.

UFO Sighting West London, Feb 2013

Latest UFO Footage - Latest UFO Videos 2013 

Published on Feb 24, 2013
This is a short capture of a UFO filmed over West London in the UK on the 23rd of February 2013. Firstly let me apologies for the poor quality of the video as I was having great difficulty trying to maintain the focus with the camera I was using, which is a Canon PowerShot SX150 IS digital camera. It is almost impossible to maintain a clear shot with a moving object at high altitudes.

Although this might be the case and is very frustrating for me and no doubt many others too, I thought it best to still archive it publicly anyway.

UFO Sighting in Houston, Texas February 27, 2013 - Not a Meteor!

Latest UFO Footage - Latest UFO Videos 2013

Published on Mar 4, 2013
Early in the morning of February 27, 2013 many people in the Houston, Texas area witnessed a large, bright orb of light move slowly across the sky. According to witnesses the light was in the sky for 3-4 minutes, which completely rules out the possibility of the object being a meteor or any sort of space junk.


Latest UFO Videos - Latest UFO Sightings 2013

Published on Mar 2, 2013
Trying to capture with a second camera to show these objects are invisible to the naked eye. Shot with a infrared filter approx 7.30a.m. 3.3.2013

Best UFO Sightings Of February 2013

Latest UFO Videos - Latest UFO Sightings February 2013

Published on Feb 28, 2013 by

Videos used listed below

Music Used - Dirge By Death In Vegas

UFO Caught Outside Pilots Window Over Costa Rica

UFO Caught During Flight To Massachusetts, USA

UFO Recorded Over Cottonwood, Arizona, USA

UFOs Appear And Disappear Over Melbourne, Australia

UFOs Caught On Night Vison Over Melbourne, Australia

Triangle UFO Over Fresno, California

Black UFO Recorded Next To Meteor In Chelyabinsk, Russia

UFO Caught On Camera Hovering Over Mexico City, Mexico

Disc Looking UFO Sits In The Sky Over Madrid, Spain

Ring Shaped UFO Hovers Over Norway

Triangle UFO Lights Over Helsinki, Finland

Cigar Shaped UFO Floats Over Popocatepetl Volcano, Mexico

Triangle UFO Over Halifax, Nova Scotia