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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another footage of missle like UFO, New Mexico

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Another footage of same missile like UFO posted below.

Missile like UFO Sightings, Roswell Mexico

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Uploaded by on Jul 18, 2011

In Spanish - If anyone can please translate 

Hola amigos de youtube
esta vez les traigo algo diferente,
este es un pekeƱo pedasito del programa Extranormal kee lo pasan por el 28.1 (TV Azteca CH 28 ATSC) a las 07:00pm [en tijuana baja california mexico]
donde se muestran varios avistamientos ovnis entre ellos este,
Lo subi en memoria de mi super Amix aome, por kee eiia vive en nuevo mexico xD

Encontre el video original y completo; si lo kieren ver les dejo el link : )

espero kee les guste, komenten y puntuen : )

UFO over Kurdistan 7.19.2011

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Uploaded by on Jul 19, 2011
UFO over Kurdistan 7.19.2011

U.F.O. in Sanremo Italy 18 July 2011

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July 19th: UFO caught on NASA live broadcast, during the undocking of Atlantis

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Uploaded by on Jul 19, 2011
Earlier today, the STS-135 Atlantis Shuttle has undocked from the ISS, for the last time and it performed an unusual fly-around maneuver in sync with a simultaneous 90° maneuver of ISS, over its velocity "Y" vector. A UFO was caught by both cameras of the Atlantis and ISS, nearby the space station during the whole maneuver. A very appropriate farewell of the Shuttle's program.

Chariots of fire fleet in the sky of Amsterdam

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Uploaded by on Jul 19, 2011
UFO stars that look like fire carriages.~
With the wheels on the sides and the fire in the middle.

And at the bottom some spherical objects are moving like legs of a galoping horse.

I've used some effects, but not transformation effects. Only contrast, color correction and some blur on two sequences to stand out the already existing forms.

Son como carros de fuego.
Ruedas a los lados.
Fuego en medio.
Abajo y delante se mueven unos objetos
esfericos, como si fueran las patas.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Florida Tech's Allsky Camera Catches a Very Bright UFO - July 16, 2011

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Uploaded by on Jul 17, 2011
'The camera is located on the roof of the Olin Science Bldg,
Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Florida and is hosted by
the Department of Physics and Space Sciences.'
(includes coordinates + aerial view for the stalkerz)

The good stuff can be found here (which you should be able to tell by the given directory name):
As I mentioned to somebody in the comments, the guys at FL Tech have a separate folder for satellite/ISS sightings:

UFOs Over Taiwan on the News (looks like the Phoenix Sandstorm UFOs!) July 2011

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UFOs Appear Over Phoenix Sandstorm - July 5, 2011:

Some will say that the Phoenix Sandstorm UFOs were 'debunked' but they weren't. All ABC Phoenix did was get some douche on camera to say that they were airplanes. They never said:

Where the planes were coming from/headed to
Who were the pilots/could they be reached
What type of airplanes were they?
The list goes on, because they never SOLVED any of that MYSTERY. If they were airplanes, there sure are a lot of GAPS in their STORY!!

See it all explained here in my video 'RE: ABC News on the Phoenix Dust Storm UFOs of July 5, 2011':