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Ancient UFO Relics In Baltic Sea? 2012

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Uploaded by on Jan 25, 2012
Swedish treasure hunters struck upon a mysterious find at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, are these discs crashed UFOs or something else, as always you decide.

Amazing UFO Video - UFA, Russia January 23, 2012.

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Halit Safin, a famous photographer in Ufa, January 23, took video of an unusual glow. He phoned a friend and said that in the sky above the street in the Green Grove Kuvykina hours from eight in the evening flickers something unusual. Halit, a child fascinated by UFO, arrived at the place at midnight and filmed on camera lights with shirokofokusnym lens:
- As the photographs drew attention to the colors of the object: blue, green, red. A friend stayed in his car to follow the object, and I went home for a long lens to look at what it is. The lens I bought to watch the stars four years ago, here's the first time there is a need to use it in practice.
When Halit returned to his seat, glow in the sky is still maintained, but declined slightly. "I looked through the lens of the neighboring stars, they shone like the object", - said Halit.

UFO over Voss 24 january 2012

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Uploaded by on Jan 28, 2012
UPDATE: So apparently this is a satelitte from the russian version of GPS; Glonass, according to some commenter and also from emails I have received.

I was making a timelapse of the auroras, and after I noticed this object in my pictures. It differs from the other moving objects wich are satellites and meteorites, because these are moving at much more speed than this object. Also, it differs from airplanes because these have strong blinking lights. The timespan of the moving object from start to end is 23 minutes. I dont really think if it was a satellite you could observe one for 23 minutes?
It is no planet, or star, since our planet is spinning like how you see the stars are moving, and the object is going the other way.
I just really wonder what it could be, any suggestions? What Im really thinking it is some kind of slow moving satellite, but I dont know. I really hope it is friendly aliens.

UFO over Lima Peru 01/22/12

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Green Rod UFO Zips Across Storm Cloud - Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Uploaded by on Jan 24, 2012
UFO @ 0:20 I stumbled upon this interesting little clip by chance! I'm almost certain its not been uploaded to youtube until now.

UFO Sightings Documentary Eyewitness Interview! Incredible UFO Footage!

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Join UFO Investigator Blake Cousins on a search to find the Best UFO Footage Every Caught on Video. This was recorded Dec, 24 2011 a behind the scenes look into the Recovery of UFO Evidence!

Real UFO Sightings! Amazing Bright UFO Jan 27,2012

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Massive UFO Estimated Size 300-400 Yards! Exclusive UFO footage Caught by Brent and Blake Cousins! Its our 1st catch of a UFO and it is very Exciting to say the least! If you look for them you will see them! Let us know if you have!
We challenge any person to take a look at this video analyze it study it examine it! You will find that this is no special effect! This is real as real gets!!!!

UFO chased by the Police in Mexicali, BC, Mexico Jan 23 2012

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A UFO caused a severe mobilization by elements of the Municipal Public Security Forces of Mexicali due to reports of citizens about the presence of a strange device in the air. Even C-4 operators, which handle urban security cameras, saw it through the system and apparently was recorded, also received hundreds of calls to 066 warning of the flying object.

INCREDIBLE! Giant UFO over the Antarctic station, Neumayer-Station III ? - January 31, 2012

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As you can see, the camera captured a gigantic structure - a UFO, which was moving parallel to the Sun. What is it - you decide! For skeptics - it's not a cloud! This structure is formed!

UFO fleet over Mexico Jan. 27 2012

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Uploaded by on Jan 27, 2012
Video sources - watch?v=diCG1qHvLdo, watch?v=ruf1wGiQ2u0
Also the event was reported on (case ID 35291) by different witness:

"In English (not a very good one):
It was a sunny morning, around 9:00 AM, there were no clouds and the temperature was about 10°C. I was with my family in my apartment, located in the colony "Letran Valle" in Mexico City. We were just to breakfast, when looking out the window, I saw far away a series of some objects that at first seemed like metallic balloons.
After looking at them for some time, we note that they were not actually balloons like.
They were at a distance of about 5 to 6 kilometers south-west direction, at the height of the horizon (approximate) . The group of objects climbed slowly, one followed by another one (we count around 75 of them) to reach a high altitude (about 50 degrees from my place, maybe around 40 to 60 Km to the ground), and slowly they began to move northward.
Hard to tell if they emitted some kind of light or just reflected sunlight (which was very intense) because they looked very small from our perspective, and it was, sometimes, easy to lose them in the blue sky.
We took some pictures with cell phones, but it not work at all (they were too high), so I took my old Canon Rebel XT semi-pro digital camera (8 mega-pixels) and I took around 10 pictures without knowing if it really will work (because i can't see anything from the camera vision), it was very difficult to focus, given its small size and high altitude.
It took about 10 to 15 minutes to the group of objects to cross the sky, until they passed over our building (four floors), and we were not able to see them anymore.
By capturing the photographs in the computer,I happily discover the objects on the pictures with some help of the digital zoom, but sadly I did not take any clear object to work like reference to the objects...

Mysterious Lights (UFO) over Utah County Jan. 27th 2012

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If you saw these lights and were wondering what it was, well guess no more. This "UFO" was launched as part of a contest to expose the logo for the website "".
This "UFO" was launched on Friday January 27th from my back yard in Lehi, Utah. Although the video is short, I was able to track it and follow it for nearly fourty five plus minutes as it slowly drifted south over American Fork and down the East side of Utah Lake towards Prove and Spanish Fork. After it began drifting to the East I quit tracking it.

Basically it was a piece of steel wire with wooden dowels as cross beams, I used about 16 feet of blue LED strip tape, and four cheap "LED projectors" with the LED light unit pulled out. My blue lights weren't long enough to complete the circle, so I just filled the gap with a small multicolor LED light string. I then hung the Freelancer logo underneath. KSL news ran a story on it Saturday night, the 28th. Both in the 6 o'clock, and 10 o'clock broadcasts, and is already creating quite a bit of buzz.