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UFO Videos - UFO BERLIN CITY (HD) 22-5-2011

Latest UFO Sightings - UFO Videos 2011

UFO 2011 - UFO Sighting in the United States

Colorado Diamond Craft

BAYFIELD -- We were camping at the Pine Creek Campsite on May 13, 2011, where two of our party of four had previously witnessed UFOs/strange lights in the sky. At the moment it appeared we were actually watching the sky for any strange objects. The craft appeared in the gap between two peaks, which is slightly west of true north. It was excessively bright and because a member of our party yelled out to get our attention. Planes generally travel from northeast to southwest or reverse in line with Denver, but this was totally different.
Initially, it looked like a single an excessively bright light WAY brighter than any other plane or star. As it drew closer the white light separated into three smaller white lights in a perfect line with a red light hovering above it. Presumably, this was the top of the craft as it seemed to be descending.
The truly interesting thing about this craft was that it was incredibly low – perhaps even 500 feet or less above our heads. It flew directly overhead and seemed to bank slightly before disappearing into the south - perhaps over Vallecito Reservoir. I wasn't quite scared - more awestruck actually, but I did have the presence of mind to attempt to take two photographs, neither of which showed anything distinct. As it passed overhead and banked a craft with small lights lined all four sides, delineating the diamond shape and showing the outline of the craft. From our vantage point we could see the underside of the thing which seemed to have four or five red lights (one at each corner and one in the center) and a series of three or four round white lights in the front and four slit-like lights toward the back.
It moved slowly and took about thirty seconds to travel across the sky. It made a low, rumbling roar, but did not resemble a plane in any other way. It seemed pretty big – at least as big as a jet, maybe bigger. About an hour and one-half later, another craft appeared from the same general area and traveled the same general path. It seemed exactly the same: appearing as an extraordinarily bright single white light and then showing us the three white it became clear that this was a lights and single red light as it drew near. It was very low and once again there were small white lights around the perimeter, three or four white lights at the front and three slit-like lights in the back. The only difference was that the five lights at the corners were green and not red.
Note: This object was not on the same flight path as any of the planes that we had observed in the sky, and, most importantly, it was far, far lower. I did a bit of research and discovered that there are nearby airports that could support a craft of that size. Also, for the record, it was NOT the stealth. I've seen the stealth at close range and it looked nothing like this. There were also lights and orbs and other "visual anomalies" in the sky that night and those will be noted in the final question section. Green Bay (Wis.) News Talk radio 97.5 FM and 1360 AM (UF)

Hawaii Pencil Shaped Light

 WAIPAHU – On May 13, 2011, at 5:35 AM, we saw a round light like a plane at a distance, but bigger and brighter one that didn't move. The light became pencil shaped and it started to glide slowly to the west and descended a little bit as it moved until I could no longer see it as the houses at the end of my street blocked its view. UFOINFO Sighting Report

Illinois Amber Light

I woke up around 2:40 AM, and went outside to have a smoke; looking east I observed an extremely bright amber color light behind the trees at a distant. I observed it for seven minutes when it started heading westbound. As it moved it seemed to dip down then go back up a little higher. It kept moving when all of the sudden a plane flew by between the object and me. The amber ball seemed to mimic the aircraft passing by, and the unknown craft then started heading my way.
 I have seen plenty planes in my life to know that the sudden change of direction for this craft was not typical of a jet liner. It headed my way and zoomed just about 1000 feet short of where I was and headed northwest. I was able to video a five minutes of the sighting, but I don’t have a source to upload my video. I was using a Cannon Elura, which is an older model video camera. Thanks to MUFON CMS
Iowa Orange Light

NEW SHARON -- I was walking home from a friend's house on May 10, 2011, on a very dark night and looked up at the moon and saw this brilliant orange light. It was about the height of an average air plane so that is what I thought it was at first. It only took me two seconds until I realized it was a UFO. It moved at the exact pace of an air plane but after I took a picture of it with my phone (which did not come out very well) there were three lights flashing on the back side of the orange light. The colors were white, green, and blue.
Later there was white light flashing at the tip making out a cone shape. I was nervous, panicked, and ran the rest of the way home. When I got to the back door I stopped to see if it was still there. Next to the flying object was another flashing light that was very still, but it had a very dim and thin ring around it. I ran inside and got a digital camera but I never used this camera before so I had trouble turning it on. By the time I got it working I ran back outside to take a picture, but the orange light and the still saucer were gone. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Kentucky UFO Hotbed
LEXINGTON -- Did you know Kentucky is considered a "hotbed" for UFO sightings? According to the state director of MUFON, an organization that investigates the sightings, our state just may be a very popular destination for advanced alien life.
"We cover hundreds of cases in Kentucky every year," said David MacDonald, a commercial pilot and the state director of the Mutual UFO network, a group of about 1,000 trained investigators who look into reported UFO sightings. "Ninety percent of the sightings are easily explained, by an aircraft, a satellite, a little alcohol, but 10 percent of those will knock your socks off."
Explaining the unexplainable obviously isn't easy. MacDonald says, “There were ten UFO sightings reported to MUFON in Lexington alone last year; though a bulk of the reports his organization investigate originate in eastern parts of the sate”.
MacDonald, however, adds that one report from a trucker two years ago who was traveling on U.S. 60 stands out. "This thing comes up goes around him it's a triangular craft," he said. "Next thing he knows, his lights go out, truck dies. He's dead in the water."
MacDonald said MUFON got confirmation from the power company there were unexplained rolling blackouts in the area at the time of the sighting by the trucker. MacDonald said a lot of the sightings end up being military aircraft being secretly tested - the Stealth Bomber was the subject of UFO reports for years before it was publicly revealed - but the rest?
MacDonald isn't alone when he says he's convinced there is other life "out there." Back in September, seven former Air Force officers held a press conference in Washington claiming that they witnessed UFOs causing malfunctions at U.S. nuclear weapons facilities.” See MacDonald’s video http://www.lex18.com/player/?video_id=13228
Massachusetts Amber Lights

NEW BEDFORD -- At 10:15 PM, on May 8, 2011, twelve amber colored lights were seen in the northern sky under a complete cloud cover. These lights moved in reverse "C" pattern. They moved erratically, but slower than an airplane. They were completely silent. No engine noise was heard. Gradually the lights blinked out and the sky was empty. These lights were lower in the sky than an airplane would be flying, and the lights were not blinking at all for five minutes. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center http://www.UFOcenter.com

Missouri UFO Shooting
PACIFIC -- On May 7, 2011, witnesses report watching aircraft shooting at a group of twenty UFOs moving overhead at 11 PM. "We saw them fly in straight lines and would turn unlike any aircraft, moving slowly and then stop and then just dart away. We also saw one fly right over our house glowing bright white."
"We also saw some kind of aircraft chasing a few of them and even what looked like the aircraft was shooting at it. I saw flashes from the plane in the direction of the UFO.” This lasted maybe 30 seconds, and then the plane flew off. You could see the difference between the UFOs and the planes. We saw many of aircraft fly around the area for quite some time during and after the event. Thanks to MUFON CMS

ST. JOSEPH --I saw a diamond shaped object in the sky 40 miles north of Kansas City on April 12, 2011. I work nights so the stars are my entertainment. Basically when I was taking the trash out I noticed an odd looking star so I took pictures of it at 1:45 AM, and this is what I discovered when I got home and put it on a bigger screen. Thanks to William Puckett, Director http://www.ufosnw.com
New Jersey Black Circler Object Near Cessna
HILLBOROUGH -- On May 12, 2011, as I was walking to the cashier with my mother who was buying flowers, I see a Cessna plane over my head to the east. The aircraft makes a left turn, a few seconds later it turns right towards the airport and I can see a little black circler object a few inches away from the Cessna. They are moving south together and then the UFO disappears. I was excited when I saw it. It was my third sighting of a UFO. Thanks to MUFON CMS
New York Webcam UFOs
NEW YORK CITY -- I captured a cylinder shaped object on this Weird New York web cam site. Allot of you non-believers are saying that these lights are planes lining up to land at Newark Airport or JFK Airport? Listen to me they are not stacking these so called planes this close together in order to clear them for landing. When I see the UFOs its late at night at 11 PM, midnight, 1 or 2 or 3 AM. I live by Newark Airport and there aren't so many flights coming in that late at night or in that type of pattern. After 911, there is restricted air space around NYC? Look at the craft in these pictures, these are not airplanes or helicopters these are craft that look like UFOs that are far more advanced craft than you could ever dream about! Thanks to MUFON Thanks to MUFON CMS
Oregon Orb

LAKE OSWEGO -- My first picture of an awesome sunset was taken facing southwest on April 28, 2011, at 7:50 PM. I noticed an orb hovering high in the sky that seemed to drift. The orb's radiance was visually dampened by the sun's powerful rays, though captured well by camera. I then drove to a higher vantage point facing west. Again the orb was present though I realized with my directional change I realized there were actually two orbs!
Note: The photos were taken with a Samsung SGH-T959 Cell phone camera with a maximum resolution of 5 million pixels. Analysis indicated that the photo has been edited by the witness, but it appears that the editing involved adjusting characteristics of the photo and that the orb was not added. It is important to note this is not a lens flare because the witness saw the orb. However, the orb could have other explanations but no bright planet such as Venus was visible at the time of the sighting. The object was not a weather balloon because the local weather balloon launch from Salem, Oregon was three hours before the sighting. Perhaps it could have been another type of balloon? Thanks to William Puckett, Director http://www.ufosnw.com
South Carolina Orange Light

MYRTLE BEACH -- We are staying at the Admiral Inn on May 13, 2011. At about 30 degrees over the ocean, I saw an orange light appear in the sky for just a few seconds. When it faded two more of these lights appeared on either side of where the original was located. The lights were lower than any cloud cover would have been. About ten minutes later, they re-appeared suddenly farther north along the coast. After a few seconds they were gone. The light was suddenly bright and I have never seen anything like it. My wife was on the balcony with me and looked to where I was pointing. She missed the original light but saw the two when it faded and the one farther north. The photo was taken over Miami,but the lights are similar. Thanks to MUFON CMS
Tennessee Disc Video

My son and I were working on his car when I noticed a small obscure object emerging from clouds. As my son watched the object, I went inside and retrieved binoculars. Upon returning, we saw a metallic, copper colored(with darker burned spots) perfect disc shaped object. It slowly moved toward us, and I retrieved an old VHS camcorder, and began taping. My son and wife watched thru binoculars, as it performed complex maneuvers moving toward us. I recorded a perfect disc shaped object with absolutely no features, that reflected sunlight, silent and demonstrating controlled flight for 15 minutes.
I called the FAA control tower at the Tri Cities airport but their radar only picked up planes with a transponder.  The object moved against the wind and the film was shown to Dr Bruce Macabee for analysis. Macabee's surmised the object was some 35 feet in diameter and had an aspect ratio of 6 to 1with flight characteristics which defied laws of physics. Thanks to http://mufoncms.com/cgi-bin/manage_sighting_reports.pl?mode=latest_reports
Texas Boomerangs
MCKINNEY –- My wife and I were just leaving about 7:30 PM, on May 5, 2011, when we saw two boomerang shaped UFOs in the west looked like they were over US 75. A line of thunderstorm had just passed through the area and it was still raining lightly. We pulled into the grocery store parking lot and watched two boomerang white clouds with sharp tips instead of round.

The two white boomerangs  were sitting at an angle with the right side of the boomerang higher than the left. We watched them for several minutes and they did not move. Then it looked like they just receded into the clouds and were obscured from our view. They may have been 100 feet or more from wing tip to wing tip and twenty feet thick in the middle. We felt excited and that maybe they were looking back at us. Thanks to MUFON CMS
Utah Black Circles

I had been driving my car when my daughter saw a very weird cloud that looked like a tornado so we took a picture with my phone. Later that night we downloaded it to our computer and saw all these black circles and some strange lights on the right in the image. There were about ten of them. A negative shows that they are a solid mass. This is very exciting Thanks to MUFON CMS

Washington Formation


SEATTLE -- I'm a 43 year old graphic artist, and I made this Photoshop interpretation of the sighting I had on April 30, 2011. Please note that this is NOT a real photo, but was drawn immediately after the sighting while my memory was very fresh.
At 11:40 PM, I stepped out on my rooftop deck to take in the panoramic view of Seattle and southwest I noticed a V-shaped squadron of seven pale whitish objects rapidly emerge from behind a cloud. They were flying toward the northeast at a very high rate of speed for their apparent very high altitude. The squadron was about the size of my index and middle fingers held at arm's length. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center http://www.UFOcenter.com/

West Virginia Cigar
The witness is convinced that the long, cigar-shaped object seen "streaking" across the bright, sunny sky was not a military aircraft on May 13, 2011. He states, "It was a very long-distance away, but I could still tell its shape and color." The witness stated, "The color was bright silver and was shiny as if it was illuminated and was streaking into the clouds, and never returned to the other side." Thanks to MUFON CMS

UFO Sighting in the United States - California Disc

TWENTY NINE PALMS US. MARINE CORPS BASE -- I was inspecting the roof of a house I was interested in purchasing on May 7, 2011. While looking at my photographs of the damaged roof on the house, I noticed two dark round objects in my photo. They did not make a sound and did not see them when taking the photo. They do not look like birds, they are too round. This was just a couple miles from the base. Scanning cams and media I caught these I could not explain away. Thanks to MUFON CMS

LOS BANOS -- I was heading south on I-5 at 2 AM, on May 7, 2011, and saw three bright lights side by side coming straight at me. I started to slow down because it looked like a big rig with its high beams on was going to crash into me head on. Then it flew up in a slight angle slowly and made a U turn and starts flying along side of me about 40 yards away and about 20 feet above the ground. It was so close I could of throw a ball at it.
Then it flew ahead of me slowly and landed like a bird. It kicked up a little dirt cloud, and turned left on the ground. I tried to see where the lights are attached, but could see only the bright white lights. There were no flashing or different colors. They looked like normal car headlights with the high beams on. The craft was the size of a small plane, that flew silently and graceful. I know the car behind me had to see what it was doing around my big white Econovan. I am positive what I saw! Thanks to William Puckett, Director http://www.ufosnw.com

Claude Atkins said, “President Nixon showed Jackie Gleason an Alien”

My wife was on vacation with girl friends near Miami, Florida at Environ on property owned by Jackie Gleason about 1979. She does not remember the details, but had phoned me and was excited about telling me her story about meeting and talking with the actor Claude Atkins who was very friendly.

Claude was playing golf with Jackie Gleason at his golf course outside Miami, and my wife was watching them playing. Later Claude and my wife were talking and he told her that Gleason had just revealed President Nixon took Gleason to Homestead Air Force Base and showed him an alien body. Apparently Gleason often played golf with President Nixon and they were close friends during Nixon’s presidency from January 20, 1969 – August 9, 1974.
The Jackie Gleason Show was popular from 1952 to 1970), and which centered on his most beloved character, bus driver Ralph Kramden. He later was featured in Smokey and the Bandit in 1977, and its sequels in 1980, and 1983. Gleason’s home was built in the shape of a UFO.

Claude Atkins was a close friend of Jackie Gleason and was the star of the TV series “Movin On” a show about independent truckers fighting corruption and moving loads around the nation in their big rigs between 1974 and 76.  As a film actor, Akins first appeared in 1953's From Here to Eternity. In 1954's The Caine Mutiny as a seaman and shipmate of Lee Marvin. He portrayed prisoner Joe Burdette in Rio Bravo. Lt. Commander Farber in Don't Give Up The Ship. Sgt Kolowicz in Merrill's Marauders, Rockwell W. "Rocky" Rockman in The Devil's Brigade, the Reverend Jeremiah Brown in the 1960 movie Inherit the Wind, outlaw Ben Lane in Comanche Station that same year, Seely Jones in A Distant Trumpet (1964), and the gorilla leader Aldo in Battle for the Planet of the Apes movie in 1973.

Mars 55 mile Track and Structures

RICHARD I BUCHLI writes, There are 55 miles of track like markings at 15 18 N 45 56 W of Mars.

 I just now went back and measured the structure at the end of the 55 mile track.   It is 8,000 feet wide and 38,000 feet long. Richard Buchli  D.V.M,  Ph.D. and Dorothy Buchli  W.B.W.

 Mars Uncensored sends this image of writing on Mars at 7aye


Floating mysteriously between the clouds, this orange-coloured disc sparked fears of extra-terrestrial activity.
The bizarre, fluorescent “doughnut” was spotted, photographed and reported to the Ministry of Defence by a retired RAF officer.
Although the UFO investigators declined to launch an inquiry – because the sighting was in Sri Lanka – they filed it away with other British “X-files.”
Details were published online yesterday in the latest batch from the files held by the National Archives in Kew, south-west London.
The unnamed ex-airman from Yorkshire saw the shape hanging in the sky near the city of Habarana, Sri Lanka, while on holiday seven years ago. After capturing it on camera, he sent it to former colleagues at RAF Fylingdales, North Yorkshire.
He wrote in his covering letter: “I noticed a partial aura in the sky, a minute or so later there was a clap of thunder.
“Then a short while later a ring like a doughnut appeared - the ring was orange in colour with a white/cream finger pushed through.
“The head of the column glowed an orange colour, behind the doughnut was a second cloud of colour, and a further ring of orange.”
He added: “The only way I can describe the sighting is that of an atomic or another type of nuclear explosion, the cloud from which did not rise in the sky, but headed from the high atmosphere down toward the earth.”
The pensioner urged his colleagues: “You must admit they are unusual.”
His letter and snaps were passed on to the X-files unit, but they wrote back saying they only had responsibility for sightings in Britain.
They told him: “Defence of Sri Lankan airspace is clearly a matter for the Sri Lankan Government and you may wish to pursue your enquiries with them.”

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UFO Makes a Full Moon Cameo - May 17, 2011

Latest UFO Sightings - UFO Videos 2011

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Hurray, and also - YAY

"Did you see something flying by the moon last night?

It happened just before 10 p.m. and Brett Anthony caught it on a time-lapse camera, but he isn't sure what it was!

Do you have any ideas? Christa Dubill thinks it was Harry Potter, but Brett says that isn't likely. "

I certainly was recording the Moon last night, between 8 - 9 P.M. (AZ Mtn. time) IT LOOKED COOL. Did not catch any UFOs, tho =\ very cool of this little zipper to fly by and say hi to the nation, no? ^-^

Multiple UFO Objects Buzz Texas Sky For Third Night 2011

UFO 2011 - Latest UFO Sightings

s An Extraterrestrial Landing Imminent? As Always You Decide. Background Audio Music Muted. MORE HERE:..

Texas Day One: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CymhluqY-7E

Texas Day Two: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RBTFp0yg-c

Texas Day Three: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzbYlrV74zU


Latest UFO Sightings - 18. 05. 2011 UFO´s over Nürnberg, Langwasser! (With close ups!)

UFO 2011 Videos

And again, two more UFO sightings from today over Nuermberg, Langwasser!

#1., @ 15:27:42 pm and #2., @ 17:28:32 pm but this time, I´ve made some close up views. I´ve forgot that, my camera´s able to do that ;-))

(@ 19:41 pm, I´ve filmed another one going in that same direktion as these two were. But that klip´s not on here. For now, I won´t be uploading anymore of those, since they´re not such of a big deal but should there be other interesting sightings and UFO formation´s being, I´ll be glad to upload them for you!)

UFO chased by military craft above Sweden

UFO Videos 2011 - Latest UFO Sightings 

Michael Cohen

A Swedish YouTube user who calls himself 'Cosmicstartraveler' has been regularly filming UFO footage in the vicinity of his place of residence, near the city of Goteborg in Sweden.
Around two weeks ago he managed to film a glowing star-like UFO above a local lake, Harlanda Tjarn, popular with Swedish amateur fishermen. The UFO seen in the video below moved behind the clouds and though very distant at first, gets closer and closer as the witness continues to film.
Not long after noticing the alien craft a military plane is seen and heard in the vicinity. According to the witness the plane is definitely chasing the UFO, or at the very least observing it up close.
UFO sightings are fairly common in Sweden and recently the Swedish government released what it claimed were all of its previously classified UFO files. Many were disappointed at the quality of the files and insisted that Sweden was holding back the more compelling documents on the topic.


The first person to really detect these objects in the rings of Saturn was Dr. Norman Bergrun and he had noticed that their behavior was highly anomalous. So what he did, he started paying more and more attention and he found that they were behaving in highly anomalous ways, that they were very large and that they seemed to be concentrating their effort on an unfinished ring at its terminals. His investigation in this ring was completed by then. At this moment even NASA has admitted, are vast objects within the corona of our sun, some always there, now is a gathering of many.

They've protected this planet from countless cycles of coronal mass ejections that would otherwise have decimated all lineage of cultures present on a relative short historical rather than geophysical basis. This is the answer of the greatest of all anomaly, how a life giving fusion star can be so close, yet not cyclicly decimate the life it gives. But at the same time these objects can serve the opposite extreme when what occupies a planet is sentient, turns on its own.

The EMVs have been around from the very beginning, ever since any sentient life has been seeded as they are the mechanical designers of systems that can support life long enough for civilsations to come and go. It is what begins life on a planet. First of all you have to have an engineered configuration of this planet with its fusion star.

The planet has to have a moon around it in a certain proportion, arranged proportion to the planets size to make it alive. This drives the mantle like a generator, the armature and produces features that'll hold atmosphere, provide a gravity, provide whats needed. These are no accidents, this is all engineered. This is no hit and miss or a million to one probability. No, this is created and managed in a wonderous and beautiful way.

They are not under any particular persons command, they're like on automatic pilot, it's pretty well automatic.

If you need some direction, what you say it's 'God' but they are far beyond anyones memory, any ET and they're regarded with awe by ET or all ETs and in speaking euphemistically if not literally, these objects are 'THE HAND OF GOD'.

There was an incident in Utah that opened all that up to me. There is a place in a national forest in Utah, in the La Sal mountain-range, where there is an ongoing operation that is part of what EMVs do. At night these EMVs mine deep Earth and deposits and they remove them and put them in the rings of Saturn. The material is bombarded by cosmic radiation and broken down and then they return Earth's deposits from the rings of Saturn and when it's ready it's completely assimilable by any kind of tissue and has remarkable qualities. They return them so that the Earth can be reseeded and be once again be fertile after a failed experiment is ploughed under. They are like the fertilizer-machines of a farmers field.

The EMVs have nothing to do with the military or with the intelligence community at all, they can not be approached. ET can not approach them. They are regarded with absolute awe by ET and when I speak of ET, I am speaking of people from all over this part of the galaxy.

The EMVs are an energy, they have form but they are blinding, you can't see their detail. There is something very wonderful on the inside of these things. I want to tell you now because in a way everyone has a right to know this. Souls, souls are inside these objects. There is no suffering, there's a community, it's very wonderful, you want to be there all the time, you don't wont to leave, when you're gone, you feel a mournful loss and you feel their mournful loss for you. It's indescribable. You'll be there one day.

Extraterrestrials are sentient species, very, very much so humanoid and have very little differences between us with one important exception, the unified consciousness. They have removed abarrancy from the species, like suicide bombers, like serial killers, like paedophiles etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, because when you have Star Trek- or star travel technology you have placed an potentially in one persons hand the ability to destroy everybody.

The ETs don't have the social injustice that seems to breed it, they don't have a problem with distribution of wealth. They don't have social engineers working on efforts to mindcontrol people into doing things against their own self-interest.

Abarrancy has a source and has a cause. It just isn't just happenstance or genetic and if you've go back, correcting any problem effectively, yes, you can solve these problems.

And well, there are dark sides to everything. I'll say this that the civilisations the ETs are from don't tolerate anything in the way of manipulation or agenda, there are strict rules in place and they are enforced. ....

Go to www.om-page.de/EMVs.html for the full text.

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UFO 2011 - Armada Arrives Over Canada - UFO Videos 2011

Latest UFO Sightings - UFO Videos 2011

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UFO Fleet Or Something Else, Filmed Over Surrey BC Canada, 19 May 2011. As Always You Decide.