Thursday, May 2, 2013

UFO Over RUSSIA 25.04.2013

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Astrakhan region, Seen at 08,15pm g.Harabali pos.Silitrennoe.2 times of analyzing and processing at high speed, You can see unidentified flying object, In single-frame playback you can see dark shapes, elongated shapes, appearing in hundredths .Ne tampering done on video, You can is its clear.

Best UFO Sightings 2013 April - Part 1

Best UFO Sightings of April 2013

Some of the best UFO sightings of April 2013
compilation by UFOsightings2013

UFO emerges from Volcano crater? - April 18, 2013

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These three screenshots were captured by Darrell G. on April 18, 2013 on the OVSICORI-UNA webcam and stand as a record of his findings while watching the webcam.

Greatest UFO Mystery in Australia

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Over 200 students and teachers witnessed an unexplained flying object on Wednesday 6th April 1966 around 11.00 am. They reported it descended into a nearby open wild grass field adjacent to a grove of pine trees in an area known as The Grange. The object then ascended in a north-westerly direction over the suburb of Clayton South.

Mr Ryan has interviewed about 30 witnesses, mostly former staff and students from the Westall secondary and primary schools. He has tried obtaining police and RAAF reports, but so far with little luck. The story was covered then by Channel Nine, The Age and local newspapers.

On the UFO, everyone seems to agree, Mr Ryan says. It was a low-flying, silver/grey shining object, either of classical flying saucer shape or close to it, "a cup turned upside down on a saucer". The students were familiar with light aircraft because the schools were close to Moorabbin Airport. Although the UFO was of similar size, "everyone said straight away that they knew it was not a plane", Mr Ryan said, nor a weather balloon.

The object was in view for up to 20 minutes, and many saw it descend. Most agree it landed behind pine trees at the Grange Reserve. Dozens of students ran across what was then an open paddock to the reserve to investigate, but the object had lifted off and vanished.

UFO over Oregon 4/24/13

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Less than a minute upon arriving at the location an object is noticed moving from south to north. There was no time to film with other gear but the Hi8 has been dependable in catching some great flyovers.

Spheres UFO checking the Plane over Sydney. 24.04.2013.

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I filmed today UFOs near the air plane.Camera was used: SONY DCR-TRV 530. Digital camera with HOYA I R 850 Infra-red Digital filter fitted.