Thursday, September 2, 2010

UFO crash in Fresno California 22nd August 2010 update

UFO seen over Fresno, CA the day after the crash on the 22-Aug-2010

Investigation X - UFO Outbreak

A new look by Discovery at the Stephenville sighting and other UFO incidents

South American Broadcast captures alien?

AlienCaptured during a south American live TV broadcast on the 8th August 2010 .

Darwin NT Australia - a ufo hot spot?

Is Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia really a UFO hot spot?

The Northern Territory News revealed yesterday UFO spotter Erik Black, of Brisbane, had spotted an "ominous hamburger-shaped light" at Humpty Doo.

The sighting - after a tip-off from Top End UFO-ologist Alan Ferguson - ended Mr Black's 30-year search for a UFO. He said he was already looking into booking flights back to Darwin.

"Humpty Doo is the place where I saw my first UFO after so many years of searching - of course I'll come back, it's all happening here," he said.

Mr Ferguson said he was excited about the idea of holding a UFO conference "right where the boys from up there come to visit". Continue reading - Source

Speakers get asked the UFO disclosure question

Stanton Friedman and others get asked the question about when they think UFO disclosure will happen:

Huge Solar plasma erupts from Sun 25th August 2010

On August 24th and 25th, an enormous magnetic filament slowly rose off the surface of the sun and erupted. Stationed over the sun's western hemisphere, NASA's STEREO-A spacecraft recorded it:

he horseshoe-shaped filament expanded and -popped- about 600,000 km above the stellar surface. Rather than flying off toward Earth we were fortunate this time as most of the hot glowing plasma from the filament simply fell back to the sun. However next this time Earth might not be so lucky... over the coming year as we reach the peak of the 2013 solar maximus many are concerned about detrimental effects more powerful flares and eruptions will have on earth. I will keep you all posted if further earth hazardous flares occur, due to Earths distance from the sun we have a 3 day warning period before the effects of the flares are felt.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

UFO Air Force study tricked the public

This is a clip from Kathleen Marden's presentation at the MUFON 2010 Symposium, titled The Conundrum of Alien Abduction.

Bright object over Austria 26th August

Traingle Ufo formation over YorkShire Uk August 22nd

UFOs in triangular formation were recorded flying across the night sky over Yorkshire, UK.
This video was filmed on Sunday, 22th August 2010.

Ufo triangle Formation over Naples Italy August 2010 ovni

UFOs yet again over Italy this time a triangle formation seen over Naples.

Ufos near stwiedzone airport Lublinek Poland

New UFO report in here from lublinek Poland. Note Mysterylinks urgently wants to hear from other people in Poland who may have also witnessed any strange lights on the night of the 28th / 29th August:
Poster comments:
Very strange flying objects in the amount of 20-hundred, stwiedzone airport last night on boat - Lublinek. Objects silent red

Military craft or ufo recorded over Fresno again 8/31/2010

Strange triangular lights were again recorded over Fresno.This footage was filmed on 8/31/2010 4.30am by Robert Thorson. Did anyone else notice this. Please send your UFO sightings at