Friday, October 21, 2011

ABC UFO News: Nebraska UFO Fireball caught on Airport Camera (10/19/2011)

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Nebraska UFO Fireball baffles residents. ABC News telecast of the UFO Fireball.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dark Mission / Ancient Moon Secrets - 3-Hours

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3-Hours - Digitally Restored - Ancient Alien ruins on the Moon? Is it possible? The Moon/Mars Connection uses NASA's own data to make a compelling scientific case for the existence of ancient alien artifacts on the earth's nearest neighbor in the Solar System. As no one has done before, Hoagland uses state-of-the-art computer image processing and other analytical techniques to take the viewer into an extraordinary world of possible gigantic structures where NASA says there are none. Have some officials within the U.S. Government, for over 30 years, been hiding the truth? The Moon/ Mars Connection opens the mind to these amazing possibilities.

This presentation was given and filmed at Ohio State University in 1994 and to this day remains a vitally important source of research about ancient extraterrestrial artifacts discovered on the Moon.

Richard C. Hoagland, author of The "Monuments of Mars," is a former science consultant to NASA and CBS News.

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UFO over Peru shocks an entire nation

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A UFO was seen in Peru during daytime hours, gripping the entire nation and leaving witnesses seeking answers from their government

Amazing UFO The Proof Is Here !!!

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This was seen by my wife and I in Tampa Bay FL October 19 2011 and hopefully half of Florida. Not exactly sure what it is. Open to suggestions.

Monday, October 17, 2011

UFO & Strange Blue light in the Mexican sky

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UFO Strange light in the Mexican sky OCTOBER 2011..

"This is no DOOM Video just FUN to watch mr berkelland meteor beam of light ufo ovni have no idea well it is not the blue kachina elenin nibiru haha just sharing from youtube user neuromainkder mexico"

UFO Puts on a Special Show - Tucson, AZ - July 16, 2010

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Another re-upload of a previous sighting I had since my other account got HAARPed.

UFO´s invading Swedish Airspace 2011.10.16 (Gothenburg)

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Pulsating orbs and crafts where everywhere tonight, in every angle and corner of our town, there where strange lights in the skies in all directions. Almost all of them very completely silent as usual, some where seen flying a few meters above houses and street lights.

We have been invaded a long time ago my friends.. If these are not alien crafts then the government in Sweden is up to something really vile and dark, i rather prefer these crafts to be of ET origin than crafts of human origin, if so that would confirm every dark ambition conspiracy theory out there.

Why does not the Swedish people give a damn about what is going on daily in our town ? In Gothenburg and the rest of our country ? Nobody seems to care, people please wake up this is not natural! Something incredibly covert is going on and you rather watch TV.. Come on!