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UFOs: Generals, Pilots & Government Officials Go On the Record new book

Amazing new book on UFOs with numerous Generals, Pilots and Government Officials giving their testimonies. These highly credible witnesses bring home the reality of the Ufo topic, bringing disclosure on step forward and to top it off former White House chief of staff John Podesta gives the book his approval. It's a must read, wow!
The author Leslie Kean interviewed the other day on RTL :

An Air Force major is ordered to approach a brilliant UFO in his Phantom jet over Tehran. He repeatedly attempts to engage and fire on unusual objects heading right toward his aircraft, but his missile control is locked and disabled. Witnessed from the ground, this dogfight becomes the subject of a secret report by the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency.

In Belgium, an Air Force colonel investigates a series of widespread sightings of unidentified triangular objects, and he sends F-16s to attempt a closer look. Many hundreds of eyewitnesses, including on-duty police officers, file reports, and a spectacular photograph of an unidentifiable craft is retrieved and analyzed.

Here at home, a retired chief of the FAA’s Accidents and Investigations Division reveals the agency’s response to a thirty-minute encounter between an aircraft and a gigantic UFO over Alaska, which occurred during his watch and is documented on radar.

Now all three of these distinguished men have written breathtaking, firsthand accounts about these extraordinary incidents. They are joined by Air Force generals and a host of high-level sources—including Fife Symington III, former governor of Arizona, and Nick Pope, former head of the British Defence Ministry’s UFO Investigative Unit—who have agreed to write their own detailed, personal stories about UFO encounters and investigations for the first time.

They are coming forward now because of Leslie Kean, an investigative reporter who has spent the last ten years studying the still unexplained UFO phenomenon. Kean reviewed hundreds of government documents, aviation reports, radar data, and case studies with corroborating physical evidence. She carefully examined scientifically analyzed photographs and interviewed dozens of high-level officials and aviation witnesses from around the world.

With the support of former White House chief of staff John Podesta, Kean draws on her research to separate fact from fiction and to lift the veil on decades of U.S. government misinformation.
Throughout, she presents irrefutable evidence that unknown flying objects—metallic, luminous, and seemingly able to maneuver in ways that defy the laws of physics—actually exist.
An eye opening read ! 

Pilot UFO Encounters on the Edge of Space

This presentation focuses on a pair of reported UFO incidents that occurred in 1962 during the X-15 Rocket Plane Research Program. Both these encounters, one during an April, 1962 X-15 flight by NASA test pilot Joseph Walker and the other during a July 1962 flight by USAF test pilot Major Robert White, took place at extremely high altitudes, right on the fringe of space:

From Poster LunaCognita:
During Major White's high-altitude test flight, while at apogee he reported sighting and visually tracking an unidentified object "for a full five seconds before it moved away". Two frames of film from the X-15's rear-facing "wing and empennage" stop-motion 16mm camera appear to capture an object (or objects) that seem to match Major White's visual description of the UFO he saw.

Several months earlier, during NASA test pilot Joe Walker's X-15 high-altitude flight, cameras aboard captured what Walker later described as being "five or six disc-shaped or cylindrical objects" near his aircraft.

During a May 11th, 1962 lecture at the "Second National Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Space Research" in Seattle, Washington, Joe Walker also claimed that one of his mission objectives during his April 1962 flight in the X-15 was to detect and film UFOs at high altitude.

During Major White's high-altitude test flight, while at apogee he reported sighting and visually tracking an unidentified object "for a full five seconds before it moved away". Two frames of film from the X-15's rear-facing "wing and empennage" stop-motion 16mm camera appear to capture an object (or objects) that seem to match Major White's visual description of the UFO he saw.

Here is the link to the online version of the August 3, 1962 issue of LIFE Magazine that I reference in this presentation, where Major Robert White describes the UFO he saw out the window during his record-breaking July 17, 1962 high-altitude hop in X-15-3.

Brazil to make public all Ufo reports - TV news

Brazil's recent steps to make all Ufo reports now available to the public is causing quite a stir in the media. This talk show report on Fox brings up the recent news:

Bombshell Ufo cases - Michael Schratt at UFO Conference

This is an interesting excerpt from Aerospace Historian Michael Schratt's lecture at the UFO Crash Conference in Las Vegas in 2009, titled: Michael Schratt - Bombshell UFO Case Files Revealed: Excerpts from the CUFOS Archives. Michael covers dozens of UFO case files adding his own Auto-cad illustrations of the UFOs as described by first hand witnesses. You can get the DVD here

UFO filmed in New Jersey during Thunderstorm

July 2010 - 2 Strange objects filmed during thunderstorm in New Jersey, it my be Ball lightning or something in the background..

NASA rejects Astronaut Jack Schmitt's Patches

Interesting find here - the video shows Two patches designed by Astronaut Jack Schmitt that were rejected by NASA which clearly show anomalous structures on the moon. It begs the question why an Astronaut would go to such lengths to depict the historic stonehenge structure on the moon on his patch? .. was he trying to give us hint about something he knew about the moon or is this all some co-incidence?.

UFO landed in front of former U.S. President Eisenhower ?

A new article from Art Bell looking at A Ufo encounter president Eisenhower may have had at Holloman Airforce base in 1955:

"The other hovered briefly and then came across the near runway towards the big hangars and some shop buildings. It took up a position somewhere above the buildings over the tarmac. The disc had a good vantage point of anything that might come towards the president's plane and the disc on the ground. It was with some disbelief that two UFOs had come to Holloman AFB in February of 1955. There was little background for believing in them at all as extraterrestrial. Some who saw or heard about the two craft at the base that day thought they might be new Russian or German innovations.
Soon after the UFO landed in front of Air Force One, a man many assumed to be the President, came to the doorway of the plane, descended the portable stairs and approached the saucer on the ground. Some sort of a hatch had been opened a few minutes before and had folded down to become a small ramp. The man walked up the ramp, stood briefly at the opening, shook hands with someone, and went inside.
Observers thought the period of time to be about 45 minutes. When he emerged from the craft, he walked towards Air Force One. Part of this time he was facing the observers, and most were sure it was Ike. He wore no hat, and many recognized the hairline and his erect military walk. More here

Alan Godfrey Abduction story

With recent reports of Strange lights in Hebden Bridge recently it has reminded me of an incident which happened in the nearby area many years ago - the Alan Godfrey abduction.
A twisted tale of murder, cattle theft, alien abduction and one British policeman.
Includes an interview with Alan Godfrey himself. You can read more about this puzzling event here.

Alien Life & new Rendlesham Forest UFO Document release

You will need to fast forward this video using the scroll bar below it to see the news story .
If you go to 3.00 you will see the report on looking at life in out atmosphere and at 4.40 you will see the second report about the updates on the rendlesham Ufo incident from new document releases. In typical media style they try to trash the rendlesham story at the end but they do bring up some interesting facts:

The newly-released documents contain details of a 2002 judgement by the Parliamentary Ombudsman which led to their release, transcripts of interviews with two of the key USAF witnesses, and the MoD’s official “position statement” on the incident. 

Just after Christmas 1980, on two separate occasions, US airmen based at the joint base of RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge witnessed UFOs in the forest, events that have consistently been denied by the Government.
Staff Sergeant Jim Penniston of 81st Security Police Squadron recalled the first of the two reported encounters in Rendlesham that have been much-debated over the last three decades.
In an interview conducted in the mid 1990s.

He explained that on December 26 (or 27) 1980 he was sent out to investigate a suspected crashed aircraft in the forest, but the “triangular” shaped craft he discovered was unlike anything he had ever seen.

He said: “I got to within ten feet of the craft and the clearing where it sat. I estimated it to be about three metres tall and about three metres wide at the base. 

“No landing gear was apparent, but it seemed like she was on fixed legs. I moved a little closer. I had already taken all 36 pictures on my roll of film. I walked around the craft and finally I walked right up to the craft.

I noticed the fabric of the shell was more like a smooth, opaque black glass. The bluish lights went from black to grey to blue. I was pretty much confused at that point.“I kept trying to put this in some kind of frame of reference, trying to find some logical explanation as to what this was and what was going on. It was dead silent. No animals were even making noise any more.

“On the smooth exterior shell there was writing of some kind, but I couldn’t quite distinguish it, so I moved up to it. It was three inch lettering, rather symbols that stretched for the length of two feet, maybe a little more.

“I touched the symbols and I could feel the shapes as if they were inscribed or etched or engraved, like a diamond cut on glass. “It was mechanical, this ship, and seemed to be under intelligent control. At that point I backed away from the craft because the light was starting to get brighter.

“The craft moved up off the ground, about three feet, still with absolutely no sound. It started to move slowly, weaving back through the trees at a very slow pace, maybe half a foot per second

. “It took about a couple of minutes for it to manoeuvre itself back to a distance of about 100 to 150 feet then it rose up just over the trees, about 200 feet high. There was a momentary pause - and then, literally, with the blink of an eye it was gone. All with no sound. That still boggles my mind.”

He claims up to 80 people witnessed the craft at some point that night, but his reports were never acknowledged and the photos he took that night “could not be developed” by the base lab. He did, however, come up with sketches of the craft.

Two days later, Colonel Charles Halt, deputy base commander, went out to the scene to “put an end to the nonsense” but quickly witnessed something he could not explain....

Continue reading (source) 

New Crop Circle was at Averbury Avenue near Averbury in Wiltshire, UK

The first formation in Maize (Corn) this year. A winged disc, a bird or some strange craft. A beautiful Crop Circle. Last year only gave us one Maize formation You can read about  this new formation here at CropCircle Connector.

Kecksburg Ufo incident 1965 - what happened?

The original 1992 news Broadcast of the Kecksburg UFO incident anniversary. The incident occurred on December 9, 1965 at Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, USA. A large, brilliant fireball was seen by thousands in at least six U.S. states and Ontario, Canada. It streaked over the Detroit, Michigan/Windsor, Ontario area, reportedly dropped hot metal debris over Michigan and northern Ohio, starting some grass fires and caused sonic booms in Western Pennsylvania. It was generally assumed and reported by the press to be a meteor...
However, eyewitnesses in the small village of Kecksburg, about 30 miles southeast of Pittsburgh, claimed something crashed in the woods. A boy said he saw the object land; his mother saw a wisp of blue smoke arising from the woods and alerted authorities. Others from Kecksburg, including local volunteer fire department members, reported finding an object in the shape of an acorn and about as large as a Volkswagen Beetle. Writing resembling Egyptian hieroglyphics was also said to be in a band around the base of the object. Witnesses further reported that intense military presence, most notably the United States Army, secured the area, ordered civilians out, and then removed the object on a flatbed truck.

Major UFO related events underway at Mount Adams August 13 2010

It seems that yet again major events are happening again down at Mt Adams...
"There's definite censorship going on, even within the major UFO community and the talk shows," says James Gilliland, founder of ECETI (Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence) and UFO videographer extraordinaire. Mr. Gilliland provided Vancouver-based Secret Message TV with exclusive access to new footage of a UFO that descends from Mt. Adams in Washington State, turns and then flies below treetop level over the ECETI Field of Dreams. This same field is where hundreds of witnesses observed UFO's over the July 4th holiday weekend, watching as the mysterious craft appeared on Mt. Adams, changed colors and produced spectacular light displays. read more :


July 4 2010 - Over 150 people partake in the Intention Experiment and witness UFO's up near Mount Adams


James Gilliland talks about the recent footage of a strange object caught over the ranch in august 2010


The Solar Maximus - The sun & the earthquake connection - what to look out for

I would like everyone to pay close attention to the astrotometry Youtube channel. There is emerging new evidence that solar activity has direct effect on earth. As earth absorbs excess solar radation the energy is dissapated through the earths crust and the result is earthquakes (remember e=mc2). By putting this theory into action the astrotometry youtube channel has used this to predict not only when earthquakes will occur but where they will occur around they world - taking into account the 3 day delay for solar flare energy to reach earth and the localisation of energy on the earths crust. The accuracy of the predictions is astounding and the predictive technology may be used in the future as a method for earthquake prediction. (listen more here)
Update - Sadly after threats from scientists and insitutitons that would rather you not know this predictive technology it looks like further Astrometry earthquake  prediction may be under threat - read more. + the site
So this now means as we approach the solar maximus of 2013 (the peak of the solar storm periods) not only should we look out for the threat of radiation  interference on electrical devices but we may see a huge increase in earthquake activity from 2011 onwards .
Well spoken - Alex Ansary talks a little bit about how much more we have to learn about solar flares and solar maximum:

Lightening Storm UFOs - 15th August 2010

Bizzare footage here sent in from a reader - not sure what to make of it but either a plane flying into a lightening storm or something else. Strange indeed.

Bentwaters UFO Landing Update - Linda Howe

An excerpt of a lecture by Linda Moulton-Howe & John Burroughs titled: Update December 1980 RAF Bentwaters: Telepathic Lights, given at the MUFON 2010 Symposium. New information and incredible possibilities are exposed in this updated lecture about one of the most documented UFO landings in history.