Tuesday, May 17, 2011

UFO Engaging Hyperdrive or Russian Rocket 2011

Recorded Over Russia 4 May 2011. Could possibly be a Russian Soyuz-FG Rocket or Maybe Not, Check Out This Link: http://www.nasaspaceflight.com/2011/05/soyuz-2-1a-russian... As Always You Decide.

The incredible UFO/Humanoids in our sky?

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Humanoid and Entities are beings whose body structure resembles that of a human. Other words for these more...beings are Angels, Aliens, ghosts, gods, avatars, demons, or even unembodied souls Amongst others.
more...It all sounds a bit like science fiction and yet some rare but still enough sights and video footage of these strange beings, that seam to be in our existence. Mostly filmed in Mexico possibly the no 1 hot spot for UFOs.
Some of course were deliberate or not Hoaxes and yet some are certainly questionable and like with UFOs deserve some real attention.

From what footage we have (if real) we see them change shape, Split in 2 or more.
Its a strange world we live in where aliens/entities are gliding in our skies. Is this a new occurrence in the past few century's or have they always been around and indeed part of our world?
This video is some of the most convincing I have seen.
The one at 4-02 I 1st naturally thought was a balloon...Until I not just noticed the incredible speed it was going in. But also it doesn't flip upside down and seam to have control of their direction.. I dont know enough on jet packs so that is always a possibility.

UFO 2011 in Chile 2011-05-14

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This green Ufo was filmed in Maipu, Chile 2011-05-14.

May 2011 - Two Strange UFO's Over Bridgman MI

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Two very bright, very strange UFO's coming over Lake Michigan. They start out the same, then towards the end they start going in different directions.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

UFO Or Meteor Crash New Jersey 2011

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Are they here? It's a question asked in jest now that some people are wondering whether a strange visitor from another planet dropped by New Jersey last week, leaving a large hole in the ground.

Residents now believe it was a meteor, and have dubbed it the "Garden State's Meteor Mystery". Pictures and video show the impact zone along Lafayette lane in Basking Ridge, NJ.

The homeowners where the object landed weren't talking about the mystery tonight.

Neighbor Leo Labbe told PIX 11 News, "It's a mystery. We don't now what happened, I was in the house, and heard absolutely nothing, until I came out at 4 o'clock and there was an army of police cars and everything else here...we haven't a clue what happened...public service and the gas company came along and took all kinds of tests - they did sniff tests for gas - there was no electrical interruption. It's just a bizarre thing that I've never seen before and probably never will again!"

Bill McCain, an astronomer at the nearby Raritan Valley Community College Planetarium, told PIX 11 News, "It is a mystery, because I was over there and I saw it. All the details point towards something impacting. It also looks like there could have been an explosion from underground, but that's all been ruled out. The only thing left is an impact, but we can't find anything that actually caused the impact so it's really a mystery. I'm as baffled as you are at this point."

The unidentified flying object landed near the front of a local homeowner's yard. Early suspicions were that it was a space rock but that remains unclear, because whatever object made the huge hole left no clues. It left no metal, no scorch marks, and no animal tracks. So far investigators have ruled out something falling off a passing airplane, fireworks or kids playing a prank as the cause of the mysterious hole.

Amazing UFO Over Mexico May 2011

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Incredible UFO that seems to accelarate eractically at times. This is not a balloon, it is obviously under some sort of intelligent control. Filmed over Mexico City 13 May 2011.

UFO 2011 over Phoenix!!! White Orb! May 14th, 2011

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I cant belive it... ANOTHER WHITE ORB UFO!!! This is now the 6th or 7th time! It started out near the sun today, May 14th 2011, it hovered for at least 5 minutes in that spot, sitting there pulsating... then gone! I ran in to get the camera, came back, nothing. Then about 30 seconds later... ITS BACK!!! Except now its way east, but still hovering, then starts flickering again, then stops, as if it wants me too see it!!! Im not sure why... but, as crazy as it seems, I think Im seeing them for a reason! Thanks for watching, please post your comments!

UFO over Shanghai May 14th 2011, around 21h30

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Posters comment - another strange light in the sky from toogreen