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Best UFO Sightings Of April-May 2014 HUGE UFO Archive Captured On Video!

Best UFO Sightings 2014 - Latest UFO Videos

Toby Lundh Shares Incredible Live Feed Footage Of a Large UFO Next To The International Space-station!Original Nasa Link
UFO Sightings Secret Moon Missions? Caught On Video!!
Watch Now Video Shot by Skander Gharbi with a Sony HD cx-150 camera on May 21 2014 check out his channel
UFO News Jet Liners Escort Massive UFO Over China! May 8 2014 Amazing New Incredible Footage An ORB Flanked By To Jet Liners! Also New Footage from Nasa what looks to be a Bird Captured Flying Over Mars!
Google Earth Jet Liners Escort UFO 32°24'8.53″N 114°33'22.93″E
Mars Nasa Original Link!
Thirdphaseofmoon Album by Paul Barrett Click Link!
UFO Sightings Secret Pentagon Missile Over Kauai May 2014! Shot Down Like Russian Proton Rocket?One Of The Most Heaviest Commercial Airspace Airline Traffic In The World, And No Official Reports Of UFOs? What's Going On In Newport Beach? Jim Martin Captures Incredible Footage!Check Out Jim Martins Youtube infamousfanclub Original Link Footage UFO Hunter TheJSB007
Check out Christopher Original Footage Youtube Channel "ccinhk" Link! UFO Over Texas Original Link From Jason Over Michigan Original Link From Amanda

Classified Footage of Fighter Jets Engaging Unknowns on Night of Phoenix Lights

Latest UFO Videos - UFO Sightings 2014

The video obtained by investigate journalist David Collins shows military aircraft in the skies above Arizona on the night of one of the world's most famous UFO sightings in March 1997.

This incredible leaked classified video shows fighter jets "engaging unknown aircraft" in the skies above the southern US on the night of one of the world's most famous UFO sightings.

The 14-second clip, posted on YouTube, shows American military aircraft on patrol during the Phoenix Lights sighting of March 13, 1997 when a series of lights were spotted above Arizona's state capital.

The military footage was obtained exclusively by US investigative journalist David Collins, of Phoenix-based KWBV Investigations, who later alerted Mirror Online.

The Phoenix Lights were seen by thousands of Arizona residents but 17 years on what exactly happened remains a mystery.

The US military's official explanation claimed the lights were flares from their aircraft.

However, Arizona's then state governor, Fife Symington III, later said in an interview: "I'm a pilot and I know just about every machine that flies.

"I can definitively say that this craft did not resemble any man made object I'd ever seen.

"And it was certainly not high-altitude flares because flares don't fly in formation."

He added: "It remains a great mystery.

"Other people saw it, responsible people.

"I don't know why people would ridicule it."

In a post on his blog accompanying his video, Mr Collins wrote: "Newly released classified footage of the infamous lights depicts military craft over the Phoenix basin engaging unknown aircraft."

He said his footage "verifies" that US Air Force craft were present that night.

However, he insists the other objects in the video are "noticeably not military."

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UFO Sightings D.O.D Calls Into UFO Disclosure? Whistle Blower Explains!

Latest UFO Videos - Latest UFO Sightings 2014

UFO Sightings Department of Defense Speaks To Thirdphaseofmoon Exclusive Report! UFO Disclosure, Whistle Blower Explains!

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UFO Sightings Flying Saucer Zooms Florida! Stunning Video In Broad Daylight 2014

UFO Videos - UFO Sightings 2014

UFO Sightings Flying Saucer Zooms Florida! Stunning Video In Broad Daylight 2014 Mike and his Wife Submit Footage of what looks to be a very unusual Object, could it be some kind of new Military Drone, or is the Extraterrestrial in Origin?

Thirdphaseofmoon is looking for the best UFO footage Shot by People Like you from Around The World! Upload your ufo Video To Youtube, Then Copy Paste The Link To My Email! Keep Your Eyes on the Skies! We are not Alone!

UFO caught on camera ZOOMING under plane in Iran

UFO Videos 2014 - Latest UFO Sightings 

UFO caught on camera ZOOMING under plane in Iran
UFO caught on camera ZOOMING under plane in Iran
UFO caught on camera ZOOMING under plane in Iran

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Best UFO Sightings of October 2014

Best UFO Sightings - Latest UFO Sightings

Best UFO Sightings 10-4-2014. Thanks for watching don't forget to subscribe. New video everyday!!!

Multiple UFOs Light UP Kentucky! Best UFO Sighting Of October 2014

Best UFO Sightings - Latest UFO Sightings

Best UFO Sighting Of October 2014 Multiple UFOs Light UP Kentucky! Raw video Caught By David shot tonight at 7:42 pm est Check Out DestinationHuman2012 Channel Click Link!

9 Celeb UFO Stories That'll Make You Believe (Maybe)

Latest UFO Videos - UFO Sightings 2014

Monday, September 1, 2014

BANNED - Secret UFO Footage Smuggled Out Of Area 51

Latest UFO Videos - Latest UFO News 

Detailed video coming soon DISCLAIMER: (This is not my theory! Let's be clear on that.) View at your own risk. I am presenting what was sent to me and presented to me as the back story. Real, Fake, Doesn't matter it's one hell of a theory that might answer some Questions. I wont even try to pretend all the physics behind this and this is just a breakdown of what was sent and me trying to explain it as best as I can. Understanding the fundamental structure of the vacuum and it's division and realizing there is actually something there and not just empty space ect are being tied in here to the black whole theory, the email states if they could figure this out they would be able to figure out instantaneous travel anywhere, Anti Gravity, Gravity Propulsion, Dimensions, Folding space + Time Ect by understanding what and how everything connects as one. Again this is not my theory. Enjoy the ride DSW74 ©2014 Darkskywatchers Global Skywatch Network

Best UFO Video Sightings of August 2014

Latest UFO Footage - Latest UFO Sightings 2014

Best UFO Video Sightings of August 2014 Watch Now!~ Massive Egyptian Monument On Planet Mars! NASA Evidence Proof 2014 Incredible Enhanced Footage Watch Now! Original Photo At Nasa Link

UFO Sightings Including A Fleet Of UFOs Filmed On a Parkway From A Fast Moving Car

Latest UFO Videos - Latest UFO 2014 

UFO Sightings This Week August 2014, Including A Fleet Of UFOs Filmed On a Parkway. This video features a few UFO sightings that came in to us this week. These UFOs include a multiple UFO sighting recorded from a car as it was traveling on a parkway. Another UFO video was recorded in Europe on a small road close to farms. Finally, you will get to see a UFO recorded in a shopping center parking lot flying in the distance beyond some commercial store buildings. Enjoy!

UFO Sighting in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania August 25, 2014

Latest UFO Videos - Latest UFO Footage 

UFO News: Triangle UFO Over La Crosse, Wisconsin

UFO News - Latest UFO Videos 2014

Triangle UFO Over La Crosse, Wisconsin

Strange UFO Ebani in Mexico city

Latest UFO Videos - UFO Sighting Videos 2014

Strange UFO Ebani in Mexico city

UFO Mysteries: Huge UFO's Spotted Near The Sun On SOHO.

Latest UFO Videos - 2014 UFO Videos

Monday, August 18, 2014

Houston UFO - Mass UFO Sighting Texas August 2014

houston ufo

Owing to the unclear skies, the image is not so clear, but the UFO the witness spotted was visible enough. Among the series of images that were posted online, one photo shows a circular object hovering in the skies. Among the rest, only an object can be seen against the backdrop of dark clouds. One more upload shows a glowing circle which is clear enough. With various accounts of the sighting, everyone wondered about what the unidentified object in the sky might be. Following this, the Vice President for astronomy at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, Dr. Carolyn Sumners stated that they were exploring all possible explanations about what the sighting would have been. This way, they can conclude on what the sighted object actually was. Dr. Carolyn Sumners also added that if more people had sighted the circular object that day, views of the UFO from different angles could be obtained, thereby giving a clear picture and information about what the object actually was. The rough weather in Houston skies that night could be a reason why onlookers were able to view the UFO that night. All the sightings that had been captured in this span have been posted on YouTube and are gaining views from all over the world. Many UFO researchers are still wondering about what the sighting in this span might have been, but barely have any answers for the same. This is mainly owing to the lack of high clarity pictures or any other concrete data regarding the UFO. With no concrete and confirmed information about this sighting available, even UFO researchers are still left clueless about what the sighted object was, with the mystery getting only deepened.

UFOs Appear Over Suspected Military Base Over Bounemouth UK

UFO Videos - August 2014 UFO Video

This amazing ufo footage was recorded in Bounemouth England and the witness suspect there to be a secret military base 3 miles north east of Hurn airport Bounemouth UK.

UFO Ejects 'SOMETHING!' August 9 Melbourne Australia

UFO Video - August 2014 UFO Videos

Interesting video of a UFO that releases smaller object in the the sphere above the Earth. This was filmed on 9th August 2014 in Melbourne, Australia.

UFO,s Over San pablo Brasil OVNIS EN SAN PABLO BRASIL 08/08 2014

Latest UFO Videos- August 2014

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Best UFO Sightings Of February 2014, AnonymousFO

Best UFO sightings - Latest UFO Videos 2014

Published on Mar 2, 2014

Videos used listed below

Music Used - Sad Piano By Michael Ortega

Classic Footage Of Concorde Cigar UFO

Triangle UFO Recorded At Night Over Mexico

Possible Telepathic Communication With A UFO

Blue Spheres Recorded In The Sky Over Mexico

4 UFOs Flying In Tandem Over Canada

Star Shaped Fleet Of UFOs Recorded Over Colombia

Witness Testimony Of UFO Over Canada

Two UFOs Merge Together Above California

Do yo have a UFO video that you would like to share with the world?

Just post your sighting at:

FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 U.S.C. section 107 of the US Copyright Law.

MASS UFO SIGHTING: Morphing ANGEL ORB UFO, Los Angeles 2014

Latest UFO Videos - UFO Sightings 2014

Published on Mar 4, 2014
The video covers Robert Bingham's Public UFO Summoning Event at MacArthur Park in Downtown Los Angeles on Feb 22, 2014. The event was a celebration of Robert's 2 year Anniversary since going public with his abilities to summon ufos. A large crowd showed up to witness multiple ufo sightings. The event started with two sizable orbs interacting with each other. I then continued to film the larger orb as it hovered over the crowds. Please see 0:52 for the orb interaction and 2:29 for an analysis of the larger orb. Everyone was excited and stayed at the park until late in the afternoon to discuss the sightings of the day. Special thanks to John Graf for taking the amazing photos from the event.

After the event our good friend Jonathan Castro managed to film an amazing morphing ufo at his house! We analyzed the footage and discovered an incredible angelic form inside the lights of the ufo. See 4:10 for a breakdown of this incredible capture.


UFO Videos 2014 - Latest UFO Sightings 

Published on Mar 1, 2014
February-15-2014 U.F.O Orbs were captured on video traveling high in altitude over San Antonio,Texas.
** EQUIPMENT USED: SONY TRV138 20X990zoom/with a 950nm IR Filter...

As i was Skywatching facing west using a Sony with an IR Filter..I Notice this flash high in altitude it did not appear to be an aircraft.When zooming in two rotating Orbs traveling high in altitude came into view...You can clearly see them rotating as they traveled overhead..They were traveling at high altitude used the top of the rooftop as reference point(giving the altitude it was traveling)..A tripod was used allowing us to see how they traveled overhead...They appear to be under some sort of controlled,they traveled in constant speed,direction and elevation...On the video stills you can clearly see these U.F.O Orbs..I tried to keep them in frame as they traveled...I followed them until they were out of sight...Similar UFO Orbs were captured on video in the Past..In the month of December 2013 and the month January 2014.....In my opinion these glowing objects were clearly no aircraft,weather-balloon or satellite....

Ovni cerca del volcán Popocatepetl, cruza sobre Huejotzingo

UFO Sightings 2014 - Latest UFO Videos

Un extraordinario ovni cruza cerca del volcán Popocatepetl, con características ovoides o de platillos, como se muestra en el video, fuimos de visita al poblado de Huejotzingo a visitar a unos familiares y nos encontramos con una vista espectacular de Don Goyo, quien nos dejó disfrutar de un panorama y una vista espectacular en varias partes del día, ya en la noche del 1 de marzo continuamos haciendo una vigilancia con cámaras y el yukon ranger y logramos captar un objeto que volaba a baja altura, el cual se los mostramos a nuestros familiares que nos estuvieron acompañando ese día y se sorprendieron del objeto que cruza muy bajo y con una forma característica que los identifica, es una extraordinaria evidencia en un sitios donde continuamente se observan cerca y hacia el volcán luces de origen desconocido moviendose al rededor del cráter o en los poblados cercanos al Popocatepetl, esta es una evidencia más de ovnis cercas del volcán Popocatépetl.

Unidentified Flying Object - 18 Feb South Africa

Latest UFO Videos - Latest UFO Sightings 2014

Noticed a unidentified flying object 18 February 2013 at 3h15 and 4h30 am. Eastern night sky above the sea.Scottburgh, kwazulu-natal, South Africa. Email