Friday, April 19, 2013

Surrey BC UFO April 15 2013***AWESOME***

Latest UFO Videos - Latest UFO Sightings 2013

Captured this during my lunch break. Can someone tell me what it is? Please don't say it is the ISS. ISS dosen't fly that low(cloud Level)

Strange UFO Activity / UFO orb northern ireland

Latest UFO Videos - Latest UFO Sightings 2013

taken with Low Light 1004X camera, wind was going that direction

Famous UFO Photos Analysed - Project Blue Book and Amazing Cases of Alien Encounters - FREE MOVIE

Latest UFO Videos - Latest UFO Sightings 2013

Maccabee is the author or coauthor of about three dozen technical articles and more than a hundred UFO articles over the last 30 years. Among his papers was a reanalysis of the statistics and results of Project Blue Book Special Report No. 14, a massive analysis of 3200 Air Force cases through the mid 1950s. Another was a reanalysis of the results of the Condon Committee UFO study from 1969. Maccabee concluded that Edward Condon lied about the results. Now you can enjoy his amazing lecture which examines the most famous UFO photos ever taken.

UFODI News: UFO's in formation fly low over Cork,Ireland (WATCH NOW)

Latest UFO Videos - Latest UFO Sightings April 2013

This amazing footage scrubs every explination out the window, these very heavily lit powered craft caught UFODI attention and needed to be shown! Antishake is stabalized and the footage is (AWESOME) Source: Naktis Ireland

UFO Video Auckland 13.04.2013

UFO Videos - UFO Footage April 2013

Ufo's, about 7 of them seen in Mirangi Bay on the North Shore. They appeard to be just out in the bay and low in the sky. The Ufo'ss were much brighter than what was captured on my smart phone.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Very large Disc shape UFO captured over Sydney.

Latest UFO Videos - Latest UFO Sightings 2013

Please watch all episode.This was our best, Greatest time to see it and filmed to this phenomena. I didn't even think we have chance to capturing this long time.Nearly 1 hour, Non Stop. Laszlo Never giving up, he's got the strength to filming. Laszlo try to show me the object, and he loosed it too. We are so Lucky to got back on Laszlo camera again.

UFO Sighting Over Las Vegas, Nevada - [HD]

UFO Videos - UFO Sightings April 2013

This UFO sighting was filmed during night in Las Vegas, Nevada. Thank you for watching. Please like, comment & subscribe


UFO Videos - UFO Footage April 2013

A stunning UFO flies by plane window! A passenger caught this intersting UFO on tape on a trip to Hawaii. This is a must watch UFO sighting. Thank you to the anonymous person who gave us exlusive rights to this awesome footage. Thanks for watching & sharing!

UFO Videos - Ufo disk Stirling city

UFO Videos - UFO Footage April 2013

This interesting footage of a ring-shaped object was recorded over Stirling, a city and former ancient burgh in Scotland back in October 2012.