Friday, February 11, 2011

Multiple UFO sightings over San Antonio, Texas 9-Feb-2011

UFO activity - multiple unknown lights hovering in the night sky over San Antonio in Texas was recorded on Wednesday, 9th February 2011.

UFO activity over Zuid Limburg, Netherlands - 2011

Video compilation of photos of UFO activity over Zuid Limburg in Netherlands. This photos were taken recently, in January and February 2011.

Paranormal Report 53: The Jerusalem UFO 10-Feb-2011

The guys look at incredible UFO footage of a Jerusalem UFO, Bigfoot strolls through a backyard, and a Chupacabra is caught on a police cam. This and even more on the latest Paranormal Report!

Jerusalem UFO Video- Dome of the rock - Temple mount - Jerusalem 28.01.2011

Proof Jerusalem UFO video is real. A new video of the UFO over Jerusalem surfaced tonight from a tourist that was filming while on a late night tour of Jerusalem on January 28th 2011. The video is not the clearest because it was dark out, but it catches the same glowing orb that was caught on tape from across town.