Thursday, April 7, 2011

Daytime UFO activity over Mesa, Arizona 4-Apr-2011

Latest UFO sightings - Video compilation of daytime UFO activity in the sky over Mesa in Arizona. This was taken on Monday, 4th April 2011 around 1 pm.

Witness report: On April 4, 2011 in Mesa, AZ around 1 o'clock PM, I went outside onto my porch to smoke a cigarette and to observe the sky around me. Then about 15 minutes later while outside, I saw a very small unknown object It swiftly traveled at a low altitude and with the proximity of it being extremely near my vicinity, I was unable to quickly react and get a picture of it. It was also about half the size of a small sparrow and dark, blood red in color; it was somewhat round or ovate shape, and it had vaguely reflective surface with ripple like contour. Additionally, it also traversed at a speed comparable to a fast moving bumblebee yet no wings were seen.

Then about 10 minutes later, I had another sighting, This unknown looked like an UFO entity. It was purely white and thinly comprised of one smooth elliptical shape structure about the size of an Ike dollar coin, and it slightly flutter gracefully through the air while it gently twist and turned as it traversed. It didn't move very fast and was very close to my location, but its movement was hasty enough that I was unable to catch it on camera as it seemly just aimlessly wanderer out of my viewing behind a structure.

Then around 2 o'clock, I had a big UFO sighting. This object just appeared out of the air without any indication where it came from. The UFO's location was between 1/8 and 1/4 of a mile away from me, and it was in the air about 300 to 500 feet in altitude. The object was located south from my location, and it was moving very slowly in an approximated southeast direction. The object was pure white at times and was not reflecting sunlight from my perspectives of it. The unknown object which I will call an UFO entity was about the size of a balloon; however, as it slowly traversed horizontally through the air, a noticeable surface structure's changes was very obvious via the camera's 300mm lens. It would randomly morph into different shapes of being round, flat, oval, or uneven structure at sporadic moments. When the object's shape changed, the white light would sometimes do the following: it would stay continuously lit; it fade in-and-out but never completely extinguish; sometimes it was just a dim light; it brighten at some moments; it move erratically about on UFO's entity surface sometime appearing like 2 to 3 separate lights on the UFO entity itself. The light never flashed or strobe. The UFO entity heading was not straight course either. It seemed it was traversing more of a curve pattern like it was going to outflank me which the wind was blowing directly from the north. What is more interesting is another UFO entity instantly appeared in the sky behind the main UFO entity while I was taking pictures of the main UFO entity. The second UFO entity was heading directly towards my location into the wind. However and a little while later, it quickly vanished into air the same way it instantly appeared like it was there one moment and gone the next moment. When a tree started to get in the way of my viewing the main UFO entity, I rushed out the front door of my home to go outside in order to continue capturing more pictures which the going outside took less than 30 seconds. However, once I was outside in a opened and clear area for viewing the main UFO entity, it was nowhere to be seen in the sky. It had seemed that the UFO entity had just simply disappeared into the clear and blue sky on a cloudless and sunny day in the 30 seconds it took me to go outside when I had observed this UFO entity earlier for nearly 6 minutes, and it was very distinct in the sky because of it white light. Then I saw in the direction the UFO entity would had been located a commercial jet taking off from the airport. So I took some pictures of the jet. Upon downloading the pictures, I noticed a blurry, black, elongated smudge on the picture which I hardly ever get when I take pictures. It makes me wonder if that undefined smudge was possibly the UFO entity itself, only now it was not glowing white in light.

TV report about UFO or spiral over Russia 5-Apr-2011

 Latest UFO sightings - TV report about UFO or spiral hovering in the night sky over Russia. This aired on Tuesday, 5th April 2011 

UFO above Oxfordshire in the UK

Latest UFO Sighting 2011- UFO seen above Oxfordshire in the UK

UFOs sighted over Chicago

Latest UFO Sightings of 2011 - Sightings of a series of lights moving across the sky over Chicago have hit the headlines this week.

Witnesses crowded on the streets to look skywards at around 8pm on Saturday to witness a series of orange blinking lights moving together overhead. No unusual weather conditions were reported at the time the incident occured.

One of those people, Nicole Dragozetich, caught the unexplained phenomenon on her cell phone video camera. 

She said she was driving down 35th Street and Western on Chicago's South Side at approximately 8 p.m. Saturday when she noticed at least a dozen people stopped in their tracks, staring at the sky.
The video she shot shows a line of several lights seeming to fly together low in the nighttime sky. The lights were orange, and they all seemed to blink together.
At first they were traveling in a straight line, but then formed different patterns.
On the video voices of the people watching the lights can be heard saying, "They came from Roswell," and "That's creepy. I want to know what it is."