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UFO over Denver Colorado 12 July 2011 Xenonics night vision by Magnetflipper

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This was recorded about 1:40.m. On the 12 July 2011 over Southeast Denver Colorado flying from the East to the West at a very fast speed. This is NOT a satellite as is changes it's direction, please look very carefully.It was also very dark as there was no Moonlight. I have no idea as to what these objects are. What I do is record and post, these are VERY REAL UFO clips of what I have recorded and NOT FAKE !! DEAL WITH IT ON YOUR OWN TERMS !!

The device that was used to record was made by Xenonics, Supervision a starlight amplifier that amplifies light and allows you to see a very dark sky, it's like daylight, except you can see all stars. This was recorded by a Casio camera Exilim DSLR HD format. Please see the equipment on my channel there are two video clips on that.

UFO Sighting in Minneapolis Minnesota July 11 2011

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While sitting in my back yard i noticed something in the sky and started video taping it. The next day i uploaded the video off my camera to my computer while watching it on a larger screen i noticed several more objects in the video that I did not see before. the orbs are similar to the ufo over London.

Latest Crop Circles Video from Russia

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UFO's Over Tokyo Japan July 7th 2011 (HD)

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Captured July 07, 2011 over the city of Tokyo. Recent UFO sightings time planet am coast x disclosure comet visitors..

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"USSR watched for UFOs every day"

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RT spoke with Andrey Finkelstein, Director of the Institute of Applied Astronomy about the scientific reasoning behind his controversial statement that in 20 years humanity will discover aliens and they are likely to look much like humans.
RT: Mr. Finkelstein, thank you for being with us tonight. You have promised that in twenty years' time you will have discovered life on other planets. Are we actually talking about aliens, or merely some bacteria?
Andrey Finkelstein: We are talking life forms, of course. What particular form such life could be is a separate question. Where there is life, intelligence and civilization are a possibility. But discovering life is of primary importance.
RT: In what form?
AF: What I'm going to tell you is a paradox. The form will definitely be well-known to us. In my opinion, and I believe experts generally agree on this, life and intelligence, should they exist elsewhere at all, should be highly human-like.
You see, essentially, the origins of life follow the same pattern, just as it is with atoms, molecules or macromolecules. There are fundamental laws of physics that apply invariably in each case. These laws have been thoroughly researched and explained. Now all you need is the right environment that would enable a process like that to start.
For example, an atom of hydrogen that originates in a galaxy located millions of parsecs away from us -- that is hundreds of millions of light years away -- is absolutely identical to a hydrogen atom that originates in our Solar System. Because fundamental laws are universal.
And it's the same with the fundamental laws that govern the origins of life, including the fundamental laws of evolution. These are universal, so all living things should have the same composition, and living organisms should look like the ones we encounter on Earth. 

Another Planet Visible behind the MOON! Is it Nibiru AKA Planet X? You Decide?

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A comment from a subsriber "i thought it was a fake until the cloud went over it first at 4:09 i think donnys onto something..

Mysterious Circular Burn Appears on Minnesota Golf Course - July 8, 2011

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This one is kinda silly but I still felt like posting it. meow!
"They are still scratching their heads at Ponderosa Golf Course near Glyndon. Not far from the Number 2 Tee Box, a large circular burn in the fairway. Not a crop circle, but a mystery nonetheless. Some are even toying with the U-word-UFO"