Friday, June 25, 2010

The White Mountain Abduction Documentary

A new look at the Betty and Barney Hill Abduction case from 21st September 1961:

Part 2:

Britains Closest UFO Encounters

Over the last thirty years there have been thousands of reported sightings of unidentified flying objects over the British Isles. Numerous eye-witnesses have testified to seeing strange lights in the sky and other mysterious phenomena. Many of these UFO sightings remain unexplained to this day, but what, or who, where they? Could they really be evidence of extraterrestrial life?

Britains Closest Encounters looks at four of the most astonishing and baffling UFO stories in Britain and hears first-hand from those who witnessed some of these sightings and examines the truth behind some of Britains most celebrated UFO sightings. 

Thursday, June 24, 2010

New crop circles - Savernake Forest, nr Marlborough, Wiltshire & Newark. Nottinghamshire

A stunning new crop circle appeared in the fields of Savernake Forest, nr Marlborough, Wiltshire on wednesday the 23rd June:  Read more  about this circle here.

Was a pipeline explosion the case of the OKLAHOMA UFO? June 2010

We would like to hear from people in Oklahoma to clarify whats happened there recently, with 2 different reports of fireballs in the sky.
The most recent incident apparently happened on June the 22nd but i am not sure of this date as numerous reports have occured since early june.:

County dispatchers received a 911 call around 9:45 p.m. Monday night. The caller reported seeing a "box in the sky on fire with white lights flashing," said Melvin Potter with Pottawatomie County emergency management.
The call about a plane going down came from Lois Cornwall a resident who lives on Johnson Road near Shawnee.
"The flames, it was totally engulfed in flames. And I thought 'Oh my god, that's an airplane, and it's on fire,'" Cornwall said. Continue reading article source


Bright suns make the news in Pattaya Thailand 20th June 2010

Breaking News in Thailand was it Ufos at Pattaya or some camera reflection? Your comments required on this one. 

Bright lights also seen over Vienna Austria 22.06.2010

Following the multiple 'sun ufo' sighting in Thailand on the 20th this similar sighting has also come in from Vienna. Again - just a camera effect or something else? We would like to hear more from anyone in Vienna who witnessed this or has further photos.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Budd Hopkins on Coast to Coast

A Controversial interview with NewYork Artist Budd Hopkins. Mr Hopkins joined George Knapp to talk about his new memoir, Art, Life and UFOs, which traces his life as a ufologist and alien abduction researcher, as well as a expressionist painter:


In November 1975, an interview with a store owner in his Manhattan neighborhood began his decades-long investigation into alien encounters. The storekeeper described seeing a vehicle hovering off the ground in North Hudson Park, and then a group of 10-11 small-sized beings emerging. The beings, which he said looked like "kids in snowsuits," appeared to be digging up dirt and putting them in "little satchels." In 1976, the Village Voice published Hopkins' first writing about the UFO enigma, and the Hudson Park case in particular.

Kaikoura UFO Sighting Continues To Baffle,30yrs On

It is one of New Zealand's biggest mysteries and one of the world's best documented sightings of a UFO.
"The most important thing I think about his story is that even to this day, the flight crew and the air traffic controllers are adamant that we saw something highly unusual that can't be explained in mundane terms," says journalist Quentin Fogarty. " Now, 30 years later, they still believe that."

Mr Fogarty was the reporter, with a news crew, that filmed the UFOs on an Argosy freight plane the night of the December 30, 1978. Article Source continue reading

More triangle UFOs Videos in June

Seeing so many triangle UFOs
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada on Sunday, 20th June 2010 around 12 pm.

Plane or Ufo ? Wisconsin, USA on Sunday

Latvia 22nd May


Near Military area:

Black triangle UFO over san diego 13th June 2010

Black triangle UFO over san diego 06-13-2010