Monday, September 14, 2015

Epic Fireball Landing in Thailand Sparks UFO Rumors

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A fireball ripped through the sky during broad daylight in Thailand leaving onlookers thinking the obvious...aliens, duh. In a video caught by a dashboard cam, you can see what many people are claiming to be a UFO fall through the sky.

Ufo confirmed in Thailand Ayyyy

What the fuck hit Thailand?! Shit just doesn't blow up to slow down before hitting earth! #aliens

Is this bizarre explosion above Thailand city a failed alien invasion?

As much as I would love to report that aliens have indeed landed on earth, cause that would be tight...well, unless they're scary extraterrestials then fall back was a massive meteor that landed in Thailand's capital Bangkok. The fireball of light was visible from up to 125 miles away as seen from this dashboard camera showing the meteor from a different perspective.

In an interview with CNN, Deputy Director of National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand, Saran Poshyachinda explained:

"There is a high possibility that the object spotted this an object from outer space."

Poshyachinda continued by saying:

"It looks like an asteroid traveling to Earth and grazing through the air and it turned into a fireball."

However, according to The Bangkok Post:

"An official at the Bangkok Planetarium said there had been no reports of a meteorite landing. What was seen across the sky this morning could be a burning balloon."

Others are speculating that it could have been "space junk" that re-entered the earth's atmosphere. Ultimately, when in doubt: ask NASA. Phil Plait of NASA's Hubble Space Telescope Team confirms:

"It was almost certainly a good-sized rock burning up in our atmosphere. It only took two seconds or so for it to go from being visible to it flaring as it disintegrated."

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