Monday, September 14, 2015

UFO Ryanair Netherlands Case

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In this UFO Ryanair Netherlands episode support from an unexpected source. Was it a UFO or an UCAV? This and more the 2nd episode of the UFO Ryanair Netherlands Case.

On August 24, 2015 we received a video recording made on board a Ryanair jet. This  person wish to remain anonymous for private reasons.

The pilot was flying nervous from the moment it took off. Suddenly the pilot made a sharp turn. Several eyewitnesses saw an unidentified flying object passing the airplane. The person who recorded the event said the UFO was flying straight ahead the plane and was able to make a 45 degree angle and flew underneath the plane and became visible on the other side according to the second witness. The second witness was sitting in front of the plane(left side, window seat). According to this witness the UFO overtook the plane’s speed and a few seconds later the pilot made an enormous sharp turn. According to the first witness, this person never experienced a maneuver that. The witness have traveled by airplane over 16 years. However, the situation caused panic on the plane and have put the passengers in danger.

After performing a full advanced analysis of the material and background check of the person we came to our conclusion this material is 100% real. Otherwise Lions Ground won’t knock at the door of Ryanair.

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